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10/14/2023 Football @ Wisconsin

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10/21/2023 Football vs Minnesota

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We are building out this page quickly so check back daily for new players. They are being added ad-hoc, no particular rhyme or reason other than something I stumbled upon, or someone really popular, or in the recent news, or someone of personal interest to me. Some research takes me down a "rabbit hole" that uncovers some amazing information. My intent is to list almost every letterwinner and significant contributor (maybe because of what they did after their playing days or off the field), but that will take years to complete. As the list grows, we'll also improve the search and filtering to make it easier to find players. If you'd like to help, contact us to learn more about some paid work. We need help taking the various biographies and some research, and consolidating them down into essential information and not just a copy/paste from another site. We'll definitely take requests if you have a favorite or important player not listed yet. If you personally are a former player, I'm happy to add or revise your profile (as you have the best and most correct information), just contact me.

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Frank Balazs

Frank Balazs  [1935-1938]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 18 

Henry Luebcke

Henry Luebcke  [1936-1940]
 Illinois Drafted 22 

Erwin Prasse

Erwin Prasse  [1937-1939]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1938, 1939) All American: 2nd Team (1939) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 11 

Richard 'Dick' Evans

Dick Evans  [1937-1939]

Jerry Niles

Jerry Niles  [1938-1945]

Gerald Ankeny

Gerald Ankeny  [1939-1941]

Ted 'Duke' Curran

Ted 'Duke' Curran  [1942-1947]
 Illinois Drafted 21 

Bruno Niedziela

Bruno Niedziela  [1942-1946]
 Illinois Drafted 19 

Earl Banks

Earl Banks  [1946-1949]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1949 All American: 1949 College Football Hall of Fame 

Harold 'Hal' Bradley, Jr.

Harold 'Hal' Bradley, Jr.  [1947-1950]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

John Hall

John Hall  [1951-1954]
 Illinois All Conference: 2nd Team (1954) Drafted 3 

Louis 'Lou' Matykiewicz

Louis (Lou) Matykiewicz  [1951-1954]
 Illinois LinkedIn Drafted 20 

McKinley 'Deacon' Davis

McKinley ''Deacon'' Davis  [1952-1955]
 Illinois All Conference: 1st Team (1955?) All American: 2nd Team? (1955?) 

Milton 'Sharm' Scheuerman

Milton 'Sharm' Scheuerman  [1952-1956]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

Bill Schoof

Bill Schoof  [1952-1956]

Rodger Swedberg

Rodger Swedberg  [1952-1955]
 Illinois All Conference: 2nd Team (1954) Drafted 12 

Carl Cain

Carl Cain  [1952-1956]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1956), 2nd Team (1954, 1955) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 7 

Don Dobrino

Don Dobrino  [1953-1956]
 Illinois Drafted 10 

Don Bowen

Don Bowen  [1954-1957]

Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons  [1954-1957]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1957) All American: 1st Team (1957) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 5 1960, 1961, 1964 

Dick Deasy

Dick Deasy  [1954-1956]

Frank Rigney

Frank Rigney  [1955-1957]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 4 

Mac Lewis

Mac Lewis  [1955-1958]
 Illinois Drafted 6 

Ernest Mielke

Ernest Mielke  [1956-1959]

Don Shipanick

Don Shipanick  [1956-1959]

John Sawin

John Sawin  [1956-1959]

Ray Jauch

Ray Jauch  [1956-1959]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 1 

Dick Klein

Dick Klein  [1956-1958]
 Illinois Drafted 29 

Eugene Mosley

Eugene Mosley  [1957-1960]

Donald Tucker

Donald Tucker  [1957-1960]

Lloyd 'Buck' Humphreys

Lloyd 'Buck' Humphreys  [1957-1960]

Ronald Zagar


James Robenson

James Robenson  [1959-1960]

Keith Kinderman

Keith Kinderman  [1959-1959]

Larry Ferguson

Larry Ferguson  [1959-1962]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1960, 1962) All American: 1st Team (1960) Drafted 4 

Don Nelson

Don Nelson  [1959-1962]
 Illinois Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 3 

Dayton Perry

Dayton Perry  [1959-1962]

Cloyd Webb

Cloyd Webb  [1960-1963]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 13 

Jimmy Rodgers

Jimmy Rodgers  [1960-1964]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

Fred Riddle

Fred Riddle  [1962-1964]

Al Randolph

Al Randolph  [1964-1965]
 Illinois Drafted 3 

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson  [1965-1968]

Rich Stepanek

Rich Stepanek  [1966-1969]
 Illinois Drafted 13 

Allan 'Al' Bream

Allan 'Al' Bream  [1966-1968]
 Illinois Drafted 14 

Pat Dunnigan

Pat Dunnigan  [1966-1969]

Alan Cassady

Alan Cassady  [1967-1970]

Dave Link

Dave Link  [1967-1970]

Steve Penney

Steve Penney  [1968-1971]
 Illinois All Conference: Academic (1969) 

Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes  [1968-1971]

Lorin Lynch

Lorin Lynch  [1968-1971]

Bill Windauer

Bill Windauer  [1969-1972]
 Illinois All Conference: Honorable Mention (1972) Drafted 8 

John Farrell

John Farrell  [1970-1972]

Ed Morrissey

Ed Morrissey  [1970-1973]

Fred Mims

Fred Mims  [1970-1972]
 Illinois U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Rick Brooks

Rick Brooks  [1971-1973]

Mike Bonk

Mike Bonk  [1971-1975]

Harry Kokolus

 Illinois LinkedIn 

Larry Parker

Larry Parker  [1972-1976]

Leonard 'Bubba' Bolton

Leonard 'Bubba' Bolton  [1972-1975]

Rod Wellington

Rod Wellington  [1972-1975]
 Illinois Drafted 7 

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson  [1972-1976]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1976) Drafted 4 

Andre Jackson

Andre Jackson  [1972-1975]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 2nd Team (1972, 1975) All American: Freshman (1972) 

Larry Moore

Larry Moore  [1972-1975]

Terry Drake

Terry Drake  [1974-1978]

Dan Matter

Dan Matter  [1975-1976]

Ronnie Lester

Ronnie Lester  [1976-1980]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1978, 1979) All American: 2nd team (1979) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Dean McKillip

Dean McKillip  [1977-1980]

Kenny Arnold

 Illinois All Conference: 3rd Team (1982) Drafted 5 

Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle  [1978-1982]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1982) Drafted 6 

Steve Krafcisin

Steve Krafcisin  [1978-1981]
 Illinois Drafted 5 

Mel Cole

Mel Cole  [1978-1981]

Brad Webb

Brad Webb  [1978-1981]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Ron Hallstrom

Ron Hallstrom  [1979-1981]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1981) Drafted 1 

Dave Moritz

Dave Moritz  [1980-1983]
 Illinois All Conference: 1st Team (1983) Drafted 10 

J.C. Love Jordan

J.C. Love Jordan  [1980-1984]

Glenn Buggs

Glenn Buggs  [1980-1983]

Eddie Phillips

Eddie Phillips  [1980-1983]

Tony Wancket

Tony Wancket  [1981-1984]
 Illinois  Twitter 

Chuck Long

Chuck Long  [1981-1985]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: First Team (1983, 1984, 1985) Player of the Year: Maxwell Award (1985), Big Ten MVP (1985), Davey O'Brien Award (1985) All American: Consensus First Team (1985) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Mike Yacullo

Mike Yacullo  [1981-1982]

Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O'Brien  [1981-1985]

Michael Payne

Michael Payne  [1981-1985]
 Illinois All American: Freshman (1982) Drafted 3 

Gary Kostrubala

Gary Kostrubala  [1982-1986]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Andre Banks

Andre Banks  [1982-1986]
 Illinois All Conference: Honorable Mention (1986) Drafted 5 

Tim Sennott

Tim Sennott  [1982-1985]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Dave Alexander

Dave Alexander  [1983-1987]

Jim Poynton

Jim Poynton  [1985-1989]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

Rob Houghtlin

Rob Houghtlin  [1985-1987]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 1st Team (1985), 2nd Team (1986) 

Chuck Hartlieb

Chuck Hartlieb  [1985-1988]
 Illinois Wikipedia LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1987, 1988) All American: Academic (1987, 1988) Drafted 12 

Ed Horton

Ed Horton  [1985-1989]
 Illinois Wikipedia LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1989) Drafted 2 

Kevin Gamble

Kevin Gamble  [1985-1987]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter Drafted 3 

Marc Mazzeri

Marc Mazzeri  [1985-1988]

Brad Quast

Brad Quast  [1986-1989]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1988, 1989) All American: 1st Team Freshman (1986) Drafted 10 

Mike Miller

Mike Miller  [1986-1990]

Michael Ingram

Michael Ingram  [1987-1990]

Brian Wise

Brian Wise  [1987-1991]

Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson  [1988-1990]

Rob Baxley

Rob Baxley  [1988-1991]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1991) All American: Honorable Mention (1991) Drafted 11 

Rodell Davis

Rodell Davis  [1988-1992]

Jeff Skillett

Jeff Skillett  [1988-1991]

Bret Bielema

Bret Bielema  [1989-1992]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jim Hartlieb

Jim Hartlieb  [1989-1992]

Steve Breault

Steve Breault  [1989-1992]

Carlos James

Carlos James  [1989-1992]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1992) 

Acie Earl

Acie Earl  [1989-1993]
 Illinois Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd team (1991, 1993), 1st Team (1992) Player of the Year: 1992 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year (1993) All American: Honorable Mention (1992, 1993) Drafted 1 

Phil Lee

Phil Lee  [1990-1992]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Cliff King

Cliff King  [1990-1993]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

Andy Kreider

Andy Kreider  [1990-1993]
 Illinois  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Bill Lange

Bill Lange  [1990-1993]

Ernest Crank

Ernest Crank  [1990-1993]

John Hartlieb

John Hartlieb  [1991-1994]

Shawn Gillen

Shawn Gillen  [1991-1992]

Hal Mady

Hal Mady  [1991-1994]
 Illinois  Twitter LinkedIn 

Damani Shakoor

Damani Shakoor  [1992-1995]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

Ted Serama

Ted Serama  [1992-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Academic (1995, 1996) 

Kevin Skillett

Kevin Skillett  [1992-1995]
 Illinois  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Lloyd Bickham

Lloyd Bickham  [1992-1995]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

Ian Davis

Ian Davis  [1992-1995]

Bill Reardon

Bill Reardon  [1993-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Richard Willock

Richard Willock  [1993-1997]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Mark Ede

Mark Ede  [1994-1995]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Eric Hultgren

Eric Hultgren  [1994-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Mike Goff

Mike Goff  [1994-1997]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Drafted 3 

Alvin Robinson

Alvin Robinson  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Darryl Moore

Darryl Moore  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Derek Rose

Derek Rose  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

J.R. Koch

J.R. Koch  [1995-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted 2 

Zach Shay

Zach Shay  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Eric Thigpen

Eric Thigpen  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Honorable Mention (1997) Drafted 6 

Alex Smith

Alex Smith  [1996-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Scott Mullen

Scott Mullen  [1996-2000]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Austin Wheatley

Austin Wheatley  [1996-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted 5 

Kevin Kasper

Kevin Kasper  [1996-2000]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 2nd Team (2000), Honorable Mention (1999), Academic (1999, 2000) Drafted 6 

Bashir Yamini

Bashir Yamini  [1996-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Matt Bowen

Matt Bowen  [1996-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (1999) All American: 2nd Team (1999) Drafted 6 

Anthony Herron

Anthony Herron  [1997-2000]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable Mention (2000) 

Ed Rozell

Ed Rozell  [1997-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jason Price

Jason Price  [1998-2000]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Rod Thompson

Rod Thompson  [1998-2002]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Joey Range

Joey Range  [1998-1999]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Andy Lightfoot

Andy Lightfoot  [1998-2002]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Academic (2000, 2001) 

D.J. Johnson

D.J. Johnson  [1998-2002]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

David Porter

David Porter  [1998-2002]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (2001, 2002) 

Jon Beutjer

Jon Beutjer  [1999-2000]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jory Helms

Jory Helms  [1999-2003]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn 

Ryan Hogan

Ryan Hogan  [1999-2002]

Eric Steinbach

Eric Steinbach  [1999-2002]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st (2001, 2002) Player of the Year: Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year (2002) All American: 1st (2002) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 2 

Siaka Massaquoi

Siaka Massaquoi  [2000-2001]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn 

Warren Holloway

Warren Holloway  [2000-2004]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

Sean Considine

Sean Considine  [2000-2004]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) Drafted 4 

Kevin Sherlock

Kevin Sherlock  [2001-2005]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

John Morscheiser

John Morscheiser  [2001-2002]

Matt Roth

Matt Roth  [2001-2004]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (2003, 2004) All American: 2nd Team (2004) Drafted 2 

Mike Jones

Mike Jones  [2003-2006]

Tony Freeman

Tony Freeman  [2004-2008]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 3rd Team (2008) 

Dan Doering

Dan Doering  [2005-2009]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Tony Moeaki

Tony Moeaki  [2005-2009]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Drafted 3 

Ryan Bain

Ryan Bain  [2005-2006]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kyle Calloway

Kyle Calloway  [2005-2009]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 2nd Team (2009), Honorable Mention (2008) Drafted 7 

Jake Christensen

Jake Christensen  [2005-2008]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Dace Richardson

Dace Richardson  [2005-2009]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (2009) 

Bryon Gattas

Bryon Gattas  [2006-2007]
 Illinois  Twitter LinkedIn 

Ryan Donahue

Ryan Donahue  [2006-2010]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Second Team (2008), Honorable Mention (2007, 2009, 2010) All American: Freshman Team (2007) 

Brett Morse

Brett Morse  [2006-2010]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Cyrus Tate

Cyrus Tate  [2006-2009]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Bryan Bulaga

Bryan Bulaga  [2007-2009]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: Freshman (2007), 2nd Team (2008), 1st Team (2009) Player of the Year: Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year (2009) All American: 1st Team (2009), Sophomore (2008) Drafted 1 

Adam Gettis

Adam Gettis  [2007-2011]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Drafted 5 

Markus Zusevics

Markus Zusevics  [2007-2011]
 Illinois  Twitter All Conference: Honorable Mention (2011) 

Jake Kelly

Jake Kelly  [2007-2009]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

John Wienke

John Wienke  [2008-2012]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Brad Herman

Brad Herman  [2008-2011]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Devan Bawinkel

Devan Bawinkel  [2008-2010]

Terrance Pryor

Terrance Pryor  [2008-2011]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: Academic (2011) 

Mark Weisman

Mark Weisman  [2010-2014]
 Illinois Personal sites and NIL pages Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 3rd Team (2013), Academic (2012, 2013, 2014) All American: 2nd Team Academic (2014) 

C.J. Fiedorowicz

C.J. Fiedorowicz  [2010-2013]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (2013), Honorable Mention (2012) Drafted 3 

Louis Trinca-Pasat

Louis Trinca-Pasat  [2010-2014]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (2014), Honorable Mention (2013), Academic (2012, 2013, 2014) 

Mika'il McCall

Mika'il McCall  [2011-2011]

Jordan Walsh

Jordan Walsh  [2011-2015]
 Illinois All Conference: 1st Team (2015) 

Riley McMinn

Riley McMinn  [2011-2014]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Reid Sealby

Reid Sealby  [2012-2014]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Faith Ekakitie

Faith Ekakitie  [2012-2016]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn 

Maurice Fleming

Maurice Fleming  [2012-2015]

Mitch Keppy

Mitch Keppy  [2012-2016]

Jaleel Johnson

Jaleel Johnson  [2012-2016]
 Illinois Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (2016), Honorable mention (2015) Drafted 4 

Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward  [2012-2016]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Academic (2014, 2016) 

Ben Niemann

Ben Niemann  [2014-2017]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: Honorable Mention (2015, 2017), Academic (2016, 2017) 

Jack Hockaday

Jack Hockaday  [2015-2018]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Nate Vejvoda

Nate Vejvoda  [2015-2019]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Academic (2016-2019) 

Amani Jones

Amani Jones  [2016-2019]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Ron Coluzzi

Ron Coluzzi  [2016-2016]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 3rd Team (2016) 

Barrington Wade

Barrington Wade  [2016-2020]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Emmanuel 'Manny' Rugamba

Emmanuel 'Manny' Rugamba  [2016-2017]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Nick Niemann

Nick Niemann  [2016-2020]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 3rd Team (2020), Academic (2017-2020) Drafted 6 

Nate Wieting

Nate Wieting  [2016-2019]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Ivory Kelly-Martin

Ivory Kelly-Martin  [2017-2021]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

A.J. Epenesa

A.J. Epenesa  [2017-2019]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (2018, 2019) Drafted 2 

James Butler

James Butler  [2017-2017]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Austin Spiewak

Austin Spiewak  [2017-2020]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: Academic (2020) 

Henry Marchese

Henry Marchese  [2017-2021]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins  [2018-2019]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn 

Turner Pallissard

Turner Pallissard  [2018-2022]
 Illinois  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Noah Shannon

Noah Shannon  [2019-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Honorable Mention (2022) 

Sam LaPorta

Sam LaPorta  [2019-2022]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (2022) Player of the Year: 𝗞𝘄𝗮𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗸-𝗖𝗹𝗮𝗿𝗸 𝗧𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 𝗘𝗻𝗱 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗬𝗲𝗮𝗿 (2022) Drafted 2 

Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones  [2019-2021]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 2nd Team (2021) 

Logan Lee

Logan Lee  [2019-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Honorable Mention (2022) 

Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro  [2019-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Jermari Harris

Jermari Harris  [2019-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Tyler Elsbury

Tyler Elsbury  [2020-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Jack Heflin

Jack Heflin  [2020-2020]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Lukas Van Ness

Lukas Van Ness  [2020-2022]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 2nd Team (2022), Academic (2021) All American: Freshman (2021) Drafted 1 

AJ Lawson

AJ Lawson  [2020-2022]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Leshon Williams

Leshon Williams  [2020-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Ahron Ulis

Ahron Ulis  [2020-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jeremiah Pittman

 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Gennings Dunker

 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Eric Epenesa

Eric Epenesa  [2021-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jacob Bostick


Andrew Kraus

 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Kaleb Brown

Kaleb Brown  [2023-2023]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Kahlil Tate


Cannon Leonard


John Nestor


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