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683 highlight videos and 651 full game videos gathered from the internet about the past 4,336 Iowa Hawkeye football (since 1889) and basketball (since 1901) games. We also have profiles for 1587 players and 57 coaches.

9/30/2023 Football vs Michigan State

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10/7/2023 Football vs Purdue

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10/14/2023 Football @ Wisconsin

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We are building out this page quickly so check back daily for new players. They are being added ad-hoc, no particular rhyme or reason other than something I stumbled upon, or someone really popular, or in the recent news, or someone of personal interest to me. Some research takes me down a "rabbit hole" that uncovers some amazing information. My intent is to list almost every letterwinner and significant contributor (maybe because of what they did after their playing days or off the field), but that will take years to complete. As the list grows, we'll also improve the search and filtering to make it easier to find players. If you'd like to help, contact us to learn more about some paid work. We need help taking the various biographies and some research, and consolidating them down into essential information and not just a copy/paste from another site. We'll definitely take requests if you have a favorite or important player not listed yet. If you personally are a former player, I'm happy to add or revise your profile (as you have the best and most correct information), just contact me.

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Lloyd Elliott

Lloyd Elliott  [1889-1893]

Arthur Cox

Arthur Cox  [1889-1890]

Arthur 'A.G.' Smith

Arthur A.G. Smith  [1889-1890]

Milton Powers

Milton Powers  [1889-1890]

Frank Pierce

Frank Pierce  [1889-1891]

Allen Sanford

Allen Sanford  [1889-1892]

Martin Sampson

Martin Sampson  [1889-1890]

Albert Heald

Albert Heald  [1890-1890]

Charles Smeltzer

Charles Smeltzer  [1890-1890]

David Knapp

David Knapp  [1890-1890]

Matthew McEniry

Matthew McEniry  [1890-1890]

William Bremner

William Bremner  [1890-1898]

Michael Balliet

Michael Balliet  [1890-1890]

Fred Neal

Fred Neal  [1890-1890]

James Crossley

James Crossley  [1890-1890]

F.H. Cutler

F.H. Cutler  [1890-1890]

Frank Kinney Holbrook

Frank Kinney Holbrook  [1895-1896]
 Iowa Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Clyde Williams

Clyde Williams  [1899-1901]
 Iowa Wikipedia Player of the Year: Top Quarterback (1899) All American: 1st Team (1900), 3rd Team (1899) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Willis Edson

Willis Edson  [1899-1900]

George Allen

George Allen  [1903-1906]

Jack Streff

Jack Streff  [1903-1906]

James 'Jimmie' Barton

James 'Jimmie' Barton  [1903-1907]

Fred Schwin

Fred Schwin  [1903-1905]
 Iowa All Conference: 1903 

Maury Kent

Maury Kent  [1903-1906]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Roy Washburn

Roy Washburn  [1903-1906]

Bernard 'Beany' Murphy

Bernard 'Beany' Murphy  [1904-1907]

Merle Rockwood

Merle Rockwood  [1904-1907]

Roy White

Roy White  [1904-1907]

Chester 'Buck' Buckner

Chester 'Buck' Buckner  [1904-1908]

Benjamin Collins

Benjamin Collins  [1905-1909]

Irving Hastings

Irving Hastings  [1905-1908]

Carrol 'Chick' Kirk

Carrol 'Chick' Kirk  [1905-1908]

William 'Bill' Carberry

William 'Bill' Carberry  [1905-1908]

Will Knowlton

Will Knowlton  [1906-1907]

William McFadden

William McFadden  [1906-1906]

Edward 'Pete' Elliott

Edward 'Pete' Elliott  [1906-1907]

Carl Fritzel

Carl Fritzel  [1906-1907]

Charles 'Archie' Hazard

Charles 'Archie' Hazard  [1906-1909]

Arthur Thompson

Arthur Thompson  [1906-1906]

Howard Bateman

Howard Bateman  [1906-1906]

Walter 'Stub' Stewart

Walter 'Stub' Stewart  [1907-1909]
 All Conference: 2nd Team (1909) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Paul Curry

Paul Curry  [1909-1912]

Willis 'Fat' O'Brien

Willis 'Fat' O'Brien  [1909-1911]

Archie Alexander

Archie Alexander  [1910-1912]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Jim Trickey

Jim Trickey  [1910-1912]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1912) All American: 1st Team (1912) 

Joseph 'Joe' Carberry

Joseph 'Joe' Carberry  [1911-1914]

Max Houghton

Max Houghton  [1912-1914]

Charles 'Poss' Parsons

Charles Parsons  [1912-1914]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

John Elwood 'Waddy' Davis

John Elwood 'Waddy' Davis  [1914-1917]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1916 and 1917 

Charles 'Chuck' Laun

Charles 'Chuck' Laun  [1915-1917]

Orle Triplett

Orle Triplett  [1916-1917]

Fred Becker

Fred Becker  [1916-1916]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1916) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Lester Belding

Lester Belding  [1918-1921]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1919, 1920, 1921) All American: Consensus 1st Team (1919), 2nd Team (1920, 1921) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Duke Slater

Duke Slater  [1918-1921]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: First Team (1919, 1920 and 1921) All American: 2nd Team (1919), First Team (1921) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame 7 time Pro Bowler NFL Hall of Fame 

John Heldt

John Heldt  [1918-1921]

Glenn Devine

Glenn Devine  [1918-1921]

Aubrey Devine

Aubrey Devine  [1919-1921]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1919, 1920, 1921) All American: Consensus 1st team (1921) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame 

Gordon Locke

Gordon Locke  [1920-1922]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1921, 1922) All American: 1st Team (1921, 1922) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame 

Westley Fry

Westley Fry  [1922-1925]

Hal Griffen

Hal Griffen  [1922-1925]

Leonard Raffensperger

Leonard Raffensperger  [1924-1925]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Nick Kutsch

Nick Kutsch  [1924-1926]

Richard 'Dick' Brown

Richard "Dick" Brown  [1925-1928]

Forrest Twogood

Forrest Twogood  [1926-1929]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Frank Cuhel

Frank Cuhel  [1926-1927]
 Iowa Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Willis Glassgow

Willis Glassgow  [1927-1929]
 Iowa Wikipedia Player of the Year: Big Ten MVP (1929) All American: 1st Team (1929) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Oran Pape

Oran Pape  [1928-1929]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Irving Nelson

Irving Nelson  [1928-1929]

George Roddy

George Roddy  [1928-1932]
 Iowa U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Mayes McLain

Mayes McLain  [1928-1928]

Marcus Magnussen

Marcus Magnussen  [1929-1932]

Marshall Riegert

Marshall Riegert  [1930-1933]

Jack Kotlow

Jack Kotlow  [1930-1933]

Ben Selzer

Ben Selzer  [1931-1934]
 New Jersey 

Howard Moffitt

Howard Moffitt  [1931-1933]

John Grim

John Grim  [1931-1935]

Joe Laws

Joe Laws  [1931-1933]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1933) Player of the Year: Big Ten MVP (1933) All American: 2nd Team (1933) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 1939 

Gueldner Krumbholz

Gueldner Krumbholz  [1931-1933]

Douglas C. Filkins

D.C. Filkins  [1931-1932]

Howard Bastian

Howard Bastian  [1931-1934]

Harold Eshleman

Harold Eshleman  [1931-1933]

Christian 'Dutch' Schmidt

Christian Schmidt  [1932-1932]

John Barko

John Barko  [1932-1936]

Ozzie Simmons

Ozzie Simmons  [1933-1936]
 Texas Wikipedia Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 1st Team (1934, 1935) All American: 1st Team (1935), 2nd Team (1934) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Dick Crayne

Dick Crayne  [1933-1935]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1933, 1934, 1935) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Joe VanYsseldyk

Joe VanYsseldyk  [1934-1938]

Bob Lannon

Bob Lannon  [1934-1937]
 South Dakota Drafted 7 

Eugene 'Homer' Harris

Eugene 'Homer' Harris  [1934-1937]
 Washington Wikipedia All Conference: 1935-1937 U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Richard 'Dick' Anderson

Richard 'Dick' Anderson  [1934-1937]

Robert Kelley

Robert Kelley  [1934-1938]

Jack Eicherly

Jack Eicherly  [1935-1938]

Frank Balazs

Frank Balazs  [1935-1938]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 18 

Edwin McLain

Edwin McLain  [1936-1939]

Nile Kinnick

Nile Kinnick  [1936-1939]
 Nebraska Wikipedia All Conference: First Team (1937, 1939), Honorable Mention (1938) Player of the Year: Heisman Trophy (1939), Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Memorial Trophy, AP Male Athlete of the Year, Big Ten Player of the Year  (1939) All American: First Team (1939), 3rd Team (1937) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 2 

Henry Luebcke

Henry Luebcke  [1936-1940]
 Illinois Drafted 22 

Erwin Prasse

Erwin Prasse  [1937-1939]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1938, 1939) All American: 2nd Team (1939) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 11 

Richard 'Dick' Evans

Dick Evans  [1937-1939]

Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher  [1937-1940]

Russell Busk

Russell Busk  [1937-1939]

Mike Enich

Mike Enich  [1937-1940]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1940) All American: 1st Team (1940), 3rd Team (1939) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 12 

Bruno Andruska

Bruno Andruska  [1937-1940]

Floyd Dean

Floyd Dean  [1937-1939]

Kenneth 'Ken' Pettit

Kenneth 'Ken' Pettit  [1937-1940]

Max Hawkins


Charles Tollefson

Charles Tollefson  [1938-1940]
 South Dakota 

James 'Ray' Murphy, Jr.

James (Ray) Murphy Jr  [1938-1940]
 New York 

Jens Norgaard

Jens Norgaard  [1938-1939]

Jerry Niles

Jerry Niles  [1938-1945]

Bill Green

Bill Green  [1938-1941]
 Iowa Drafted 5 

James J. Walker

James J. Walker  [1938-1941]

Carl Conrad

Carl Conrad  [1938-1939]

Al Couppee

Al Couppee  [1938-1941]
 Iowa Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 22 


Milton 'Milt' Kuhl  [1938-1942]

Herman Snider

Herman Snider  [1938-1940]

Bill Parker

Bill Parker  [1939-1942]
 Iowa All Conference: 2nd Team (1942) All American: Honorable mention (1942) Drafted 8 

George Frye

George Frye  [1939-1941]

Bill Diehl

Bill Diehl  [1939-1941]
 Iowa Drafted 10 

Ben Trickey

Ben Trickey  [1939-1942]
 Iowa Drafted 14 

Joseph Moore

Joseph Moore  [1939-1940]

Wallace 'Wally' Bergstrom

Wallace 'Wally' Bergstrom  [1939-1939]

Robert Otto

Robert Otto  [1939-1941]

Gerald Ankeny

Gerald Ankeny  [1939-1941]

Tom Chapman, Sr.

Tom Chapman Sr.  [1939-1943]

Wilford 'Bill' Burkett

Wilford 'Bill' Burkett  [1939-1942]
 Iowa Drafted 16 

Matt Miletich

Matt Miletich  [1939-1939]

Burdell Gilleard

Burdell Gilleard  [1939-1940]

Jack Edling

Jack Edling  [1939-1939]

Henry Vollenweider

Henry Vollenweider  [1939-1941]

Jim Youel

Jim Youel  [1939-1942]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson  [1940-1947]

Tom Farmer

Tom Farmer  [1940-1942]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 2 

Dick Hoerner

Dick Hoerner  [1941-1946]
 Iowa Wikipedia All American: All-American honors (1942 and 1946) Drafted 17 1950 

Tom Hand

Tom Hand  [1941-1945]
 Iowa Drafted 13 

Bruno Niedziela

Bruno Niedziela  [1942-1946]
 Illinois Drafted 19 

Bob Lauterbach

Bob Lauterbach  [1942-1942]

Forrest Masterson

Forrest Masterson  [1942-1944]
 Drafted 5 

Charles 'Chuck' Uknes

 Iowa Drafted 14 

Ted 'Duke' Curran

Ted 'Duke' Curran  [1942-1947]
 Illinois Drafted 21 

Ned Postels

Ned Postels  [1943-1946]

Clayton Wilkinson

Clayton Wilkinson  [1943-1947]

Stanley 'Stan' Mohrbacher

Stanley 'Stan' Mohrbacher  [1943-1944]
 Iowa Drafted 3 

Floyd Magnusson

Floyd Magnusson  [1943-1949]

Joe Grothus

Joe Grothus  [1943-1948]
 Iowa Drafted 17 

Jim Cozad

Jim Cozad  [1943-1948]
 Iowa Drafted 11 

Jack Spencer

Jack Spencer  [1943-1948]

Dick Ives

Dick Ives  [1943-1947]
 Iowa Wikipedia All American: 2nd Team (1945), 3rd Team (1944, 1946) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 4 

Bob Tedesky

Bob Tedesky  [1944-1945]

Jim Hansen

Jim Hansen  [1944-1944]

Herb Wilkinson

Herb Wilkinson  [1944-1947]
 Utah Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1945, 1946, 1947) All American: 2nd Team (1945, 1946, 1947) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 3 

Jack Wishmier

Jack Wishmier  [1944-1948]

Ken Rose

Ken Rose  [1944-1944]

Stan Straatsma

Stan Straatsma  [1944-1949]

Robert 'Bob' Wischmeier

Bob Wischmeier  [1944-1946]

Nelson Smith

Nelson Smith  [1944-1945]

Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz  [1944-1950]

Don Winslow

Don Winslow  [1944-1949]
 Drafted 9 

Murray Wier

Murray Wier  [1944-1948]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1948) Player of the Year: Big Ten MVP (1948) All American: Consensus 1st team (1948) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 5 

Dick Culberson

Dick Culberson  [1944-1946]

Richard 'Dick' Woodard

Richard 'Dick' Woodard  [1944-1948]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: Honorable Mention (1948) Drafted 21 

Ralph Woodard

Ralph Woodard  [1945-1949]

Lou Ginsberg

Lou Ginsberg  [1945-1950]

Bill Kay

Bill Kay  [1945-1948]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1948), 3rd Team (1946) All American: 2nd Team (1948) Drafted 4 

Al DiMarco

Al DiMarco  [1945-1948]

Jack Dittmer

Jack Dittmer  [1946-1949]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1948) All American: Honorable Mention (1949) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Harold 'Hal' Shoener

Harold 'Hal' Shoener  [1946-1947]
 Drafted 23 

Herb Shoener

Herb Shoener  [1946-1947]
 Drafted 31 

Earl Banks

Earl Banks  [1946-1949]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1949 All American: 1949 College Football Hall of Fame 

Emlen Tunnell

Emlen Tunnell  [1946-1947]
 Pennsylvania Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 6 time All-Pro, played in 8 Pro Bowls NFL Hall of Fame 

Bob Smith

Bob Smith  [1946-1947]
 Oklahoma Wikipedia Drafted 24 1952 

Jim McKinstry

Jim McKinstry  [1946-1949]

Dave Day

Dave Day  [1946-1946]

Dick Laster

Dick Laster  [1946-1949]

Jim Shoaf

Jim Shoaf  [1946-1948]
 Pennsylvania Drafted 27 

Ray Carlson

Ray Carlson  [1946-1948]

Bob Geigel

Bob Geigel  [1946-1949]

Robert 'Bob' Sullivan

Robert 'Bob' Sullivan  [1946-1946]
 Drafted 13 

Glenn Drahn

Glenn Drahn  [1947-1950]
 Drafted 25 

Jerold 'Jerry' Faske

Jerold 'Jerry' Faske  [1947-1950]
 Drafted 30 

Robert 'Bob' Vollers

Robert 'Bob' Vollers  [1947-1950]

Frank Calsbeek

Frank Calsbeek  [1947-1951]
 Iowa Drafted 6 

Harold 'Hal' Bradley, Jr.

Harold 'Hal' Bradley, Jr.  [1947-1950]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

Duane Brandt

Duane Brandt  [1948-1951]

Dick Riecks

Dick Riecks  [1948-1950]

Hubert Johnston

Hubert Johnston  [1948-1951]
 West Virginia Drafted 8 

Ralph Doran

Ralph Doran  [1948-1948]
 Iowa Drafted 25 

Donald Commack

Donald Commack  [1948-1951]

Robert 'Bob' Clifton

Robert 'Bob' Clifton  [1948-1952]
 Iowa Drafted 5 

John Towner

John Towner  [1948-1951]

Herald 'Skip' Greene

Herald 'Skip' Greene  [1948-1952]

Chuck Darling

Chuck Darling  [1949-1952]
 Colorado Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1952), 2nd Team (1951) Player of the Year: Big Ten MVP (1952) All American: 1st Team (1952) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Bill Reichardt

Bill Reichardt  [1949-1951]
 U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 7 

Fred Ruck

Fred Ruck  [1949-1951]

Bernard Bennett

Bernard Bennett  [1949-1952]

Herb Thompson

Herb Thompson  [1950-1953]

Bill Fenton

Bill Fenton  [1950-1953]

Burt Britzmann

Burt Britzmann  [1950-1952]

Everett 'Ev' Cochrane

Everett 'Ev' Cochrane  [1950-1952]

Jerry Hilgenberg

Jerry Hilgenberg  [1951-1953]
 Iowa Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 4 

Louis 'Lou' Matykiewicz

Louis (Lou) Matykiewicz  [1951-1954]
 Illinois LinkedIn Drafted 20 

George 'Binkey' Broeder


John Hall

John Hall  [1951-1954]
 Illinois All Conference: 2nd Team (1954) Drafted 3 

Ken Buckles

Ken Buckles  [1951-1953]

George 'Dusty' Rice

George 'Dusty' Rice  [1951-1953]
 Iowa Drafted 16 

Robert Stearnes

Robert Stearnes  [1951-1954]

Don Chelf

Don Chelf  [1951-1953]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 12 

Chuck Jarnagin

Chuck Jarnagin  [1951-1954]

McKinley 'Deacon' Davis

McKinley ''Deacon'' Davis  [1952-1955]
 Illinois All Conference: 1st Team (1955?) All American: 2nd Team? (1955?) 

Rodger Swedberg

Rodger Swedberg  [1952-1955]
 Illinois All Conference: 2nd Team (1954) Drafted 12 

Robert 'Bob' Miller

Robert 'Bob' Miller  [1952-1953]

Calvin Jones

Calvin Jones  [1952-1955]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: First Team (1953, 1954 and 1955) Player of the Year: Outland Trophy for Top Lineman (1955) All American: First Team (1954 and 1955) College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 9 

Carl Cain

Carl Cain  [1952-1956]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1956), 2nd Team (1954, 1955) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 7 

William 'Bill' Logan

William 'Bill' Logan  [1952-1956]
 U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 5 

William 'Bill' Seaberg

William 'Bill' Seaberg  [1952-1956]

Dan McBride

Dan McBride  [1952-1952]

Milton 'Sharm' Scheuerman

Milton 'Sharm' Scheuerman  [1952-1956]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

Lester 'Les' Hawthorne

Lester 'Les' Hawthorne  [1952-1956]

Hugh Leffingwell

Hugh Leffingwell  [1952-1954]

James 'Jim' Freeman

James 'Jim' Freeman  [1952-1955]
 Iowa Drafted 5 

Bill Schoof

Bill Schoof  [1952-1956]

Charles Daniels

Charles Daniels  [1952-1952]

Bob Commings

Bob Commings  [1952-1957]
 Ohio Wikipedia 

Eldean Matheson


George Kress

George Kress  [1953-1956]

Earl Smith

Earl Smith  [1953-1955]
 Indiana All Conference: Honorable mention (1954) 

Garet 'Jerry' Reichow

Garet ''Jerry'' Reichow  [1953-1955]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1955 Drafted 4 1961 

Don Dobrino

Don Dobrino  [1953-1956]
 Illinois Drafted 10 

Mitchell 'Mitch' Ogiego

Mitchell 'Mitch' Ogiego  [1953-1958]
 Indiana Drafted 7 

Frank Gilliam

Frank Gilliam  [1953-1956]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1956), 2nd Team (1954) All American: 2nd Team (1956) Drafted 7 

Eddie Vincent

Eddie Vincent  [1953-1955]
 Ohio Wikipedia Drafted 6 

Ken Ploen

Ken Ploen  [1954-1956]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1956) Player of the Year: Big Ten (1956) All American: 1st Team (1956) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 19 

Don Suchy

Don Suchy  [1954-1956]
 Iowa Drafted 16 

Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons  [1954-1957]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1957) All American: 1st Team (1957) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 5 1960, 1961, 1964 

James 'Jim' Head

James 'Jim' Head  [1954-1954]
 Indiana Drafted 14 

Dick Deasy

Dick Deasy  [1954-1956]

Don Bowen

Don Bowen  [1954-1957]

John Burroughs

John Burroughs  [1954-1958]
 DC Wikipedia Drafted 18 

Bill Van Buren

Bill Van Buren  [1954-1961]
 Ohio All Conference: 2nd Team (1961) All American: 1st Team (1961) Drafted 17 

Bill Gravel

Bill Gravel  [1955-1958]

Alex Karras

Alex Karras  [1955-1957]
 Indiana Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1956, 1957) Player of the Year: Outland Trophy (1957) All American: 1st Team (1956, 1957) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 1 (1960-1962, 1964-1969) NFL Hall of Fame 

Gary Grouwinkel

Gary Grouwinkel  [1955-1958]

Randy Duncan

Randy Duncan  [1955-1958]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1957, 1958) Player of the Year: Big Ten Most Valuable Player (1958) All American: Consensus 1st team (1958) College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Dick Theer

Dick Theer  [1955-1957]

Frank Bloomquist

Frank Bloomquist  [1955-1957]
 Iowa Drafted 26 

Collins 'Mike' Hagler

Collins "Mike" Hagler  [1955-1957]
 DC Wikipedia 

Paul Karras

Paul Karras  [1955-1958]

Mac Lewis

Mac Lewis  [1955-1958]
 Illinois Drafted 6 

Hugh Drake

Hugh Drake  [1955-1958]

Dave Gunther

Dave Gunther  [1955-1959]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 8 

Bob Prescott

Bob Prescott  [1955-1958]

Frank Rigney

Frank Rigney  [1955-1957]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 4 

William Happel

William Happel  [1955-1957]

Ray Jauch

Ray Jauch  [1956-1959]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 1 

Bob Hain

Bob Hain  [1956-1959]
 Iowa Drafted 19 

John Sawin

John Sawin  [1956-1959]

Americus John-Lewis

Americus John-Lewis  [1956-1957]
 Drafted 10 

Dick Klein

Dick Klein  [1956-1958]
 Illinois Drafted 29 

Bob Jeter

Bob Jeter  [1956-1959]
 West Virginia Wikipedia All American: 3rd Team (1959) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 2 1967, 1968, 1969 

Geno Sessi

Geno Sessi  [1956-1958]

Mike Heitman

Mike Heitman  [1956-1960]

Ernest Mielke

Ernest Mielke  [1956-1959]

Jeff Langston

Jeff Langston  [1956-1959]

John Nocera

John Nocera  [1956-1958]
 Ohio Drafted 16 

Curt Merz

Curt Merz  [1956-1959]
 New Jersey Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1958) All American: 1st Team (1959) Drafted 3 

Allan Miller

Allan Miller  [1956-1959]

Don Shipanick

Don Shipanick  [1956-1959]

Kevin Furlong

Kevin Furlong  [1956-1958]

Gerald 'Jerry' Novack

Gerald 'Jerry' Novack  [1956-1959]

Don Norton

Don Norton  [1956-1959]
 Iowa Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 5 AFL 1960, 1961 

Don Horn

Don Horn  [1956-1959]

Bill Lapham

Bill Lapham  [1956-1959]
 Iowa Drafted 14 

Charles Lee

Charles Lee  [1957-1960]
 California Drafted 18 

Olen Treadway

Olen Treadway  [1957-1960]
 Oklahoma Drafted 2 

Lloyd 'Buck' Humphreys

Lloyd 'Buck' Humphreys  [1957-1960]

William 'Bill' Ringer

William 'Bill' Ringer  [1957-1960]

Jess Vargo

Jess Vargo  [1957-1960]

Donald Tucker

Donald Tucker  [1957-1960]

Richard 'Dick' Clauson

Richard 'Dick' Clauson  [1957-1960]

Mark Manders

Mark Manders  [1957-1960]

Gerald 'Jerry' Mauren

Gerald 'Jerry' Mauren  [1957-1960]

Ronald Zagar


Tom Moore

Tom Moore  [1957-1960]
 Minnesota Wikipedia 

Willie Fleming

Willie Fleming  [1957-1958]
 Michigan Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1958) Drafted 14 

Eugene Mosley

Eugene Mosley  [1957-1960]

Bill DiCindio

Bill DiCindio  [1958-1961]

John Brown

John Brown  [1958-1959]

Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams  [1958-1961]

Emery Pudder

Emery Pudder  [1958-1961]
 New Jersey 

Sherwyn Thorson

Sherwyn Thorson  [1958-1961]
 Iowa Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 7 

Alfred 'Al' Hinton

Alfred 'Al' Hinton  [1958-1961]
 Michigan All Conference: All-Big Ten (1961) All American: 3rd Team (1961) Drafted 6 

William Cervanak

William Cervanak  [1958-1961]
 New Jersey 

Maurice Hanson

Maurice Hanson  [1958-1959]
 South Dakota 

Bernie Wyatt

 New York Drafted 19 

David Watkins

David Watkins  [1958-1961]

Robert Yauck

Robert Yauck  [1958-1961]

Bill Whisler

Bill Whisler  [1958-1961]
 South Dakota Wikipedia Drafted 9 

Wilburn Hollis

Wilburn Hollis  [1958-1961]
 Nebraska Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1960) All American: 2nd Team (1960) Drafted 13 

Felton Rogers

Felton Rogers  [1959-1961]
 Michigan All Conference: Honorable Mention (1960) 

John Calhoun

John Calhoun  [1959-1961]

Fred Erhardt

Fred Erhardt  [1959-1959]
 New Jersey 

Dennis Runge

Dennis Runge  [1959-1961]

Dayton Perry

Dayton Perry  [1959-1962]

Don Nelson

Don Nelson  [1959-1962]
 Illinois Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 3 

Jack Carlson

Jack Carlson  [1959-1959]

Alexander Korzeniewski

Alexander Korzeniewski  [1959-1960]

Keith Kinderman

Keith Kinderman  [1959-1959]

John McMeekins

John McMeekins  [1959-1959]

Frank Allen

Frank Allen  [1959-1960]

Larry Ferguson

Larry Ferguson  [1959-1962]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1960, 1962) All American: 1st Team (1960) Drafted 4 

James Winton

James Winton  [1959-1962]
 New Jersey 

Matt Szykowny

Matt Szykowny  [1959-1962]
 Pennsylvania Drafted 15 

Don Zinn

Don Zinn  [1959-1960]

Hugh Fisher

Hugh Fisher  [1959-1962]

James Robenson

James Robenson  [1959-1960]

Richard Turici

Richard Turici  [1959-1962]

Chester Williams

Chester Williams  [1959-1960]
 New Jersey 

Sammie Harris

Sammie Harris  [1959-1962]

David Roach

David Roach  [1960-1964]

Mike Reilly

Mike Reilly  [1960-1963]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1963) All American: 1963 U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 4 

Bob Sherman

Bob Sherman  [1960-1963]
 Michigan Drafted 12 

James 'Jim' Helgens

James 'Jim' Helgens  [1960-1961]

Robert 'Bobby' Grier

Robert 'Bobby' Grier  [1960-1963]
 Michigan Wikipedia 

Wally Hilgenberg

Wally Hilgenberg  [1960-1963]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1963) All American: 3rd Team (1963) Drafted 4 

William 'Bill' Perkins II

William 'Bill' Perkins II  [1960-1962]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 12 

Constantinos 'Gus' Kasapis

Constantinos 'Gus' Kasapis  [1960-1963]
 Michigan Wikipedia Drafted 17 

Joe Williams

 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 14 

Connie Hawkins

Connie Hawkins  [1960-1961]
 New York Wikipedia ABL Player of the Year (1961), NBA All-Star (1970-1973) 

Cloyd Webb

Cloyd Webb  [1960-1963]
 Illinois Wikipedia Drafted 13 

Paul Krause

Paul Krause  [1960-1963]
 Michigan U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 2 1964-1965,1969, 1971-1975 NFL Hall of Fame 

George Latta

George Latta  [1960-1963]

Robert LeZotte

Robert LeZotte  [1960-1964]

Lonnie Rogers

Lonnie Rogers  [1960-1963]

Jimmy Rodgers

Jimmy Rodgers  [1960-1964]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

Earl McQuiston

Earl McQuiston  [1960-1962]
 Iowa Drafted 10 

Tony Giacobazzi

Tony Giacobazzi  [1961-1964]
 Drafted 20 

Andrew 'Andy' Hankins

Andrew 'Andy' Hankins  [1961-1964]

Craig Nourse

Craig Nourse  [1961-1964]

Robert 'Bob' Mitchell

Robert 'Bob' Mitchell  [1961-1964]

Dave Long

Dave Long  [1962-1965]
 Iowa All Conference: 1st Team (1965) Drafted 3 

Bill Briggs

Bill Briggs  [1962-1965]
 New Jersey Drafted 5 

Fred Riddle

Fred Riddle  [1962-1964]

Rich O'Hara

Rich O'Hara  [1962-1965]

John Niland

John Niland  [1962-1965]
 New York Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1965), 2nd Team (1964) All American: 1st Team (1965), 2nd Team (1964) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 1969, 1971, 1972 

Gary Simpson

Gary Simpson  [1962-1965]

Jay Roberts

Jay Roberts  [1962-1963]

Gary Snook

Gary Snook  [1962-1965]
 Iowa Drafted 4 

Dennis Pauling

Dennis Pauling  [1962-1966]

Dalton Kimble

Dalton Kimble  [1962-1965]

Karl Noonan

Karl Noonan  [1962-1965]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1964) All American: 1st Team (1964) 

Bob Ziolkowski

Bob Ziolkowski  [1963-1964]
 Michigan Drafted 7 

George Peeples

George Peeples  [1963-1966]
 Michigan Wikipedia Drafted 4 

Cliff Wilder

Cliff Wilder  [1963-1965]
 Iowa Drafted 11 

Gerry Jones

Gerry Jones  [1964-1967]
 Drafted 13 

Walter 'Mac' McCausland

Walter 'Mac' McCausland  [1964-1965]
 Iowa  Twitter 

Al Randolph

Al Randolph  [1964-1965]
 Illinois Drafted 3 

Benjamin 'Ben' McGilmer

Benjamin 'Ben' McGilmer  [1964-1970]
 Michigan Drafted 6 

Robert 'Bob' Anderson

Robert 'Bob' Anderson  [1964-1967]

Tony Williams

Tony Williams  [1964-1967]

Silas McKinnie

Silas McKinnie  [1964-1967]

John Diehl

John Diehl  [1964-1967]

Chris Pervall

Chris Pervall  [1964-1966]
 Drafted 17 

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson  [1965-1968]

Richard 'Dick' Gibbs

Richard 'Dick' Gibbs  [1965-1966]
 Iowa Drafted 13 

Ed Podolak

Ed Podolak  [1965-1968]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1968) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 2 

Barry Crees

Barry Crees  [1965-1968]

Jerry O'Donnell

Jerry O'Donnell  [1965-1966]

Allan 'Al' Bream

Allan 'Al' Bream  [1966-1968]
 Illinois Drafted 14 

Larry Ely

Larry Ely  [1966-1969]
 Iowa Drafted 16 

Jon Meskimen

Jon Meskimen  [1966-1969]
 Iowa All Conference: 1st Team (1968, 1969) All American: 3rd Team (1969) 

Mike Cilek

Mike Cilek  [1966-1969]
 Iowa Drafted 6 

Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan  [1966-1970]
 Kansas Drafted 9 

Sam H. Williams

Sam H. Williams  [1966-1968]
 Michigan Wikipedia All Conference: MVP (1968), First Team (1967, 1968) All American: 2nd Team (1967), 3rd Team (1968) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 3 

Rich Stepanek

Rich Stepanek  [1966-1969]
 Illinois Drafted 13 

Pat Dunnigan

Pat Dunnigan  [1966-1969]

Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald  [1967-1970]

Alan Cassady

Alan Cassady  [1967-1970]

Charles 'Doc' Bolden

Charles 'Doc' Bolden  [1967-1968]
 Louisiana Drafted 6 

Chad Calabria

Chad Calabria  [1967-1970]
 Drafted 14 

Racior 'Ray' Cavole

Racior (Ray) Cavole  [1967-1970]

Paul Laaveg

Paul Laaveg  [1967-1969]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 4 

Dave Link

Dave Link  [1967-1970]

Tom Hayes

Tom Hayes  [1967-1970]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Glenn Vidnovic

Glenn Vidnovic  [1967-1970]
 Drafted 4 

Dave Clement

Dave Clement  [1967-1970]

Dennis Green

Dennis Green  [1967-1970]
 Pennsylvania Wikipedia 

Ray Manning

Ray Manning  [1967-1970]
 Texas All Conference: 2nd Team (1969), Academic (1968, 1969) 

Dick Jensen

Dick Jensen  [1967-1970]

Ken Price

Ken Price  [1967-1970]
 Texas Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Tom Schulze

Tom Schulze  [1967-1970]

Kerry Reardon

Kerry Reardon  [1967-1970]
 Missouri Wikipedia All Conference: Honorable Mention (1968, 1969), Academic (1969) All American: 3rd Team (1969) Drafted 6 

Jim Hodge

Jim Hodge  [1967-1970]

Layne McDowell

Layne McDowell  [1967-1970]
 Iowa All Conference: 2nd Team (1969, 1970) Drafted 10 

Marcos Melendez

Marcos Melendez  [1967-1970]
 Puerto Rico LinkedIn 

Jim Miller

Jim Miller  [1967-1970]

Omar Hazley

Omar Hazley  [1967-1971]

Roy Bash

Roy Bash  [1967-1970]

Dave Triplett

Dave Triplett  [1968-1971]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: Honorable Mention (1971), All-Academic (1971) 

John Johnson

John Johnson  [1968-1970]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1970) All American: 3rd Team (1970) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 1971 and 1972 

Ken Grabinski

Ken Grabinski  [1968-1971]

Chuck Legler

Chuck Legler  [1968-1971]

Charles Podolak

Charles Podolak  [1968-1971]

George Conway

George Conway  [1968-1971]

Jerry Nelson

Jerry Nelson  [1968-1972]
 Alabama All Conference: Honorable Mention (1969) 

Dave Brooks

Dave Brooks  [1968-1970]

Wendell Bell

Wendell Bell  [1968-1971]

Levi Mitchell

Levi Mitchell  [1968-1971]
 Indiana All Conference: 2nd Team (1970), Honorable Mention (1969) 

Geoff Mickelson

Geoff Mickelson  [1968-1971]

Craig Clemons

Craig Clemons  [1968-1971]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1971) All American: 1st Team (1971) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Don Osby

Don Osby  [1968-1971]

Larry Lawrence

Larry Lawrence  [1968-1969]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Rich Solomon

Rich Solomon  [1968-1971]

Larry Horton

Larry Horton  [1968-1971]
 Indiana Drafted 9 

Joe Miranda

Joe Miranda  [1968-1969]

Steve Penney

Steve Penney  [1968-1971]
 Illinois All Conference: Academic (1969) 

Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson  [1968-1971]

Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes  [1968-1971]

Lorin Lynch

Lorin Lynch  [1968-1971]

Tom Miller

Tom Miller  [1968-1971]

Tom Cabalka

Tom Cabalka  [1969-1972]

Dave Harris

Dave Harris  [1969-1972]

Karl Hoinkes

Karl Hoinkes  [1969-1972]

Kevin Kunnert

Kevin Kunnert  [1969-1973]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 1 

Frank Sunderman

Frank Sunderman  [1969-1972]

Jeff Elgin

Jeff Elgin  [1969-1970]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Craig Darling

Craig Darling  [1969-1972]
 Iowa Drafted 8 

Jerry Reardon

Jerry Reardon  [1969-1972]

Alan Schaefer

Alan Schaefer  [1969-1971]

Gary Lusk

Gary Lusk  [1969-1972]

Charles Cross

Charles Cross  [1969-1972]
 Iowa Drafted 15 

Mike Dillner

Mike Dillner  [1969-1972]

Mike Wendling

Mike Wendling  [1969-1972]

Bill Windauer

Bill Windauer  [1969-1972]
 Illinois All Conference: Honorable Mention (1972) Drafted 8 

Fred Brown

Fred Brown  [1969-1971]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 1976 

John 'Jack' Muller

John 'Jack' Muller  [1969-1972]
 Iowa All Conference: 2nd Team (1970) Drafted 7 

Dave Simms

Dave Simms  [1969-1972]

Fred Mims

Fred Mims  [1970-1972]
 Illinois U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Joe Gould

Joe Gould  [1970-1972]

Ed Morrissey

Ed Morrissey  [1970-1973]

Jim Waschek

Jim Waschek  [1970-1973]

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson  [1970-1973]

Brian Rollins

Brian Rollins  [1970-1973]

James 'Jim' Speed

James (Jim) Speed  [1970-1971]

John Farrell

John Farrell  [1970-1972]

Glenn Angelino

Glenn Angelino  [1970-1973]

Ken Angersola

Ken Angersola  [1970-1974]

Lynn Rowat

Lynn Rowat  [1970-1972]

Dan Dickel

Dan Dickel  [1970-1973]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 7 

Roger Jerrick

Roger Jerrick  [1970-1973]

Kyle Skogman

Kyle Skogman  [1970-1973]

Bobby Ousley

Bobby Ousley  [1971-1974]

Mike Bonk

Mike Bonk  [1971-1975]

Dan LaFleur

Dan LaFleur  [1971-1974]
 South Dakota 

Dan McCarney

Dan McCarney  [1971-1974]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson  [1971-1974]

Earl Douthitt

Earl Douthitt  [1971-1974]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 1st team (1974) All American: Honorable mention (1974) Drafted 7 

Neil Fegebank

Neil Fegebank  [1971-1974]

Larry Bush

Larry Bush  [1971-1974]

Rob Fick

Rob Fick  [1971-1974]

Rick Williams

Rick Williams  [1971-1973]
 Drafted 14 

Kim Hardt

Kim Hardt  [1971-1973]

Brandt Yocom

Brandt Yocom  [1971-1974]

Harry Kokolus

 Illinois LinkedIn 

Jim Collins

Jim Collins  [1971-1974]

Rick Brooks

Rick Brooks  [1971-1973]

Bobby Lawson

Bobby Lawson  [1972-1976]

Reggie Vaughan

Reggie Vaughan  [1972-1973]

Rod Walters

Rod Walters  [1972-1975]
 Michigan Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1975) All American: 1st Team (1975) Drafted 1 

Lester Washington

Lester Washington  [1972-1974]

Stan Petratis

Stan Petratis  [1972-1975]

Rod Wellington

Rod Wellington  [1972-1975]
 Illinois Drafted 7 

Cliff Sumpter

Cliff Sumpter  [1972-1975]

Rick Penney

Rick Penney  [1972-1975]

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson  [1972-1976]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1976) Drafted 4 

Jim Magnusson

Jim Magnusson  [1972-1976]
 Iowa LinkedIn 

Mark Fetter

Mark Fetter  [1972-1975]

Bob Elliott

Bob Elliott  [1972-1975]
 Iowa All American: Academic (1974, 1975) 

Butch Caldwell

Butch Caldwell  [1972-1976]
 Ohio  Twitter LinkedIn 

Andre Jackson

Andre Jackson  [1972-1975]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 2nd Team (1972, 1975) All American: Freshman (1972) 

Mike Gatens

Mike Gatens  [1972-1976]

Candy LaPrince

Candy LaPrince  [1972-1974]

Larry Moore

Larry Moore  [1972-1975]

Larry Parker

Larry Parker  [1972-1976]

Joe Devlin

Joe Devlin  [1972-1975]
 Pennsylvania Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1975) All American: 1st Team (1975) Drafted 2 

Jim Jensen

Jim Jensen  [1972-1975]
 Iowa Drafted 2 

Warren Peiffer

Warren Peiffer  [1972-1975]
 Iowa Drafted 9 

Leonard 'Bubba' Bolton

Leonard 'Bubba' Bolton  [1972-1975]

Tyrone 'Tye' Dye

Tyrone 'Tye' Dye  [1972-1975]

Archie Mays

Archie Mays  [1973-1976]

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis  [1973-1976]

Rick Marsh

Rick Marsh  [1973-1975]

Bill Schultz

Bill Schultz  [1973-1976]

Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas  [1973-1975]

Jim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell  [1973-1976]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia  Twitter 

Nate Washington

Nate Washington  [1973-1976]

Tom Grine

Tom Grine  [1973-1976]

Dave Schick

Dave Schick  [1973-1976]

Phil Hayman

Phil Hayman  [1973-1973]

John Hairston

John Hairston  [1973-1977]

Bruce 'Sky' King

Bruce 'Sky' King  [1973-1977]
 Ohio All Conference: 2nd Team (1977) Drafted 4 

Ernest 'Ernie' Sheeler

Ernest (Ernie) Sheeler  [1974-1977]

Terry Drake

Terry Drake  [1974-1978]

Dan Frost

Dan Frost  [1974-1976]
 California LinkedIn All Conference: 1975 Drafted 4 

Doug Reichardt

Doug Reichardt  [1974-1975]

Tom McLaughlin

Tom McLaughlin  [1974-1977]

Cal Wulfsberg

Cal Wulfsberg  [1974-1977]

Jim Hilgenberg

Jim Hilgenberg  [1974-1977]

Ivory Ward

Ivory Ward  [1974-1975]

Keith Rathert

Keith Rathert  [1974-1975]

Jesse Cook

Jesse Cook  [1974-1977]

Glen Worley

Glen Worley  [1974-1975]
 New York 

Fred Haberecht

Fred Haberecht  [1974-1975]

Nick Quartaro

Nick Quartaro  [1974-1976]
 New York Wikipedia 

Doug Benschoter

Doug Benschoter  [1975-1978]

Kirk Speraw

Kirk Speraw  [1975-1979]
 Iowa Wikipedia Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Steve Vazquez

Steve Vazquez  [1975-1978]
 New Jersey 

Tim Gutshall

Tim Gutshall  [1975-1978]

Joe Hufford

Joe Hufford  [1975-1978]

Clay Hargrave

Clay Hargrave  [1975-1979]

Mike Steverson

Mike Steverson  [1975-1978]

Tom Rusk

Tom Rusk  [1975-1978]
 Iowa Drafted 9 

Dan Schultz

Dan Schultz  [1975-1978]

Dave Becker

Dave Becker  [1975-1978]
 Iowa Drafted 12 

Dean Moore

Dean Moore  [1975-1977]
 Ohio Drafted 9 

Bobby Hill

Bobby Hill  [1975-1979]

Jon Lazar

Jon Lazar  [1975-1978]
 Iowa All Conference: Honorable Mention (1977) 

James Arkeilpane

James Arkeilpane  [1975-1978]
 New York 

Barry Tomasetti

Barry Tomasetti  [1975-1977]
 Pennsylvania Drafted 10 

Dan Matter

Dan Matter  [1975-1976]

Brad Reid

Brad Reid  [1976-1979]

Rod Sears

Rod Sears  [1976-1977]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Ronnie Lester

Ronnie Lester  [1976-1980]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1978, 1979) All American: 2nd team (1979) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Tom Renn

Tom Renn  [1976-1979]

Dennis Mosley

Dennis Mosley  [1976-1979]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1979) All American: 2nd Team (1979) Drafted 9 

Dave Holsclaw


Mike Brady

Mike Brady  [1976-1979]

Mike Henry

Mike Henry  [1976-1980]

Mark Callaghan

Mark Callaghan  [1976-1977]

Doug Piro

Doug Piro  [1976-1976]

Sue Beckwith

Sue Beckwith  [1976-1980]

Jerry Runta

Jerry Runta  [1976-1977]

Mark Mahmens

Mark Mahmens  [1976-1979]

Bill Dolan

Bill Dolan  [1976-1978]

Jim Molini

Jim Molini  [1976-1979]

Rod Morton

Rod Morton  [1976-1979]
 New Jersey 

Mario Pace

Mario Pace  [1976-1979]

Cedric Shaw

Cedric Shaw  [1976-1979]
 New Jersey 

Jim Swift

Jim Swift  [1976-1979]
 Iowa Drafted 9 

Kent Ellis

Kent Ellis  [1977-1980]

Greg Gilbaugh

Greg Gilbaugh  [1977-1980]

John Harty

John Harty  [1977-1980]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1980) Drafted 2 

Kevin Ellis

Kevin Ellis  [1977-1980]

Dean McKillip

Dean McKillip  [1977-1980]

Bruce Kittle

Bruce Kittle  [1977-1982]
 Iowa  Twitter LinkedIn 

Jeff Green

Jeff Green  [1977-1978]

Steve Waite

Steve Waite  [1977-1981]
 Iowa Drafted 6 

Bryan Skradis

Bryan Skradis  [1977-1981]

Matt Petrzelka

Matt Petrzelka  [1977-1980]
 Iowa Drafted 11 

Scott Schilling

Scott Schilling  [1977-1980]

Vince Brookins

Vince Brookins  [1977-1981]
 Drafted 6 

Doug Dunham

Doug Dunham  [1977-1980]

Jim Frazier

Jim Frazier  [1977-1981]

Phil Suess

Phil Suess  [1977-1980]

Bobby Commings Jr.

Bobby Commings Jr.  [1977-1978]

Jay Hilgenberg

Jay Hilgenberg  [1977-1980]
 Iowa Wikipedia  Twitter 

Dave Oakes

Dave Oakes  [1978-1981]

Mel Cole

Mel Cole  [1978-1981]

Brad Webb

Brad Webb  [1978-1981]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Pat Dean

Pat Dean  [1978-1981]
 New York 

Phil Blatcher

Phil Blatcher  [1978-1981]

Dave Mayhan

Dave Mayhan  [1978-1981]

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown  [1978-1981]

Todd Simonsen

Todd Simonsen  [1978-1981]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia 

Kenny Arnold

 Illinois All Conference: 3rd Team (1982) Drafted 5 

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley  [1978-1981]

Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops  [1978-1982]
 Ohio Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: First Team (1982) College Football Hall of Fame 

Paul Postler

Paul Postler  [1978-1981]

Greg Schlickman

Greg Schlickman  [1978-1981]

Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle  [1978-1982]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1982) Drafted 6 

Lou King

Lou King  [1978-1981]
 New Jersey 

Pete Gales

Pete Gales  [1978-1981]
 New Jersey Wikipedia 

Steve Krafcisin

Steve Krafcisin  [1978-1981]
 Illinois Drafted 5 

Tracy Crocker

Tracy Crocker  [1978-1981]

Marty Ball

Marty Ball  [1979-1982]

Andre Tippett

Andre Tippett  [1979-1981]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2-time All Big Ten (1980, 1981) All American: All-American (1981) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 2 NFL Pro Bowl (1984-1988) NFL Hall of Fame 

Ron Hallstrom

Ron Hallstrom  [1979-1981]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1981) Drafted 1 

Gordy Bohannon

Gordy Bohannon  [1979-1981]

Brett Miller

Brett Miller  [1979-1982]
 California Wikipedia Drafted 5 

Mike Arens

Mike Arens  [1979-1980]

Louis Burke

Louis Burke  [1979-1980]

Clay Uhlenhake

Clay Uhlenhake  [1979-1982]

Tom Grogan

Tom Grogan  [1979-1983]

Tony Ricciardulli

Tony Ricciardulli  [1979-1980]

Keith Chappelle

Keith Chappelle  [1979-1980]
 California Drafted 11 

Bobby Hansen

Bobby Hansen  [1979-1983]
 Iowa Wikipedia  Twitter Drafted 3 

John Judge

John Judge  [1979-1979]

Lon Olejniczak

Lon Olejniczak  [1979-1983]
 Iowa  Twitter LinkedIn 

Mark Gannon

Mark Gannon  [1979-1983]
 Iowa LinkedIn Drafted 8 

Reggie Roby

Reggie Roby  [1979-1982]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: First Team (1981, 1982) All American: First team (1981 and 1982), and Honorable mention (1979) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 6 1984, 1989, 1994 

Dwayne Williams

Dwayne Williams  [1979-1981]
 New Jersey 

Mark Bortz

Mark Bortz  [1979-1982]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1981, 1982) All American: 2nd Team (1982) Drafted 8 1988 and 1990 

Kevin Spitzig

Kevin Spitzig  [1980-1984]

Norm Granger

Norm Granger  [1980-1983]
 New Jersey Drafted 5 

Ivory Webb

Ivory Webb  [1980-1981]

Joel Hilgenberg

Joel Hilgenberg  [1980-1983]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 4 1992 

Dave Moritz

Dave Moritz  [1980-1983]
 Illinois All Conference: 1st Team (1983) Drafted 10 

Tom Linebarger

Tom Linebarger  [1980-1980]

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson  [1980-1984]

John Alt

 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1983), 2nd Team (1982) All American: Honorable Mention (1983) Drafted 1 1990, 1993 

Mike Hooks

Mike Hooks  [1980-1984]

Jim Pekar

Jim Pekar  [1980-1981]

Steve Carfino

Steve Carfino  [1980-1984]
 California Wikipedia  Twitter Drafted 6 

Jon Roehlk

Jon Roehlk  [1980-1983]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Joe Levelis

Joe Levelis  [1980-1983]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd team (1983) Drafted 6 

Glenn Buggs

Glenn Buggs  [1980-1983]

Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin  [1980-1980]

J.C. Love Jordan

J.C. Love Jordan  [1980-1984]

Mike Hufford

Mike Hufford  [1980-1984]

Eddie Phillips

Eddie Phillips  [1980-1983]

Todd Suchomel

Todd Suchomel  [1980-1981]

Bill Broghamer

Bill Broghamer  [1981-1983]

Mike Stoops

Mike Stoops  [1981-1984]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1983, 1984) 

Charles 'Charlie' Jones

Charles 'Charlie' Jones  [1981-1981]

Tony Wancket

Tony Wancket  [1981-1984]
 Illinois  Twitter 

James Erb

James Erb  [1981-1982]

Nate Creer

Nate Creer  [1981-1985]
 New York 

Paul Hufford

Paul Hufford  [1981-1984]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O'Brien  [1981-1985]

Charlie Humphreys

Charlie Humphreys  [1981-1982]

Mike Haight

Mike Haight  [1981-1985]
 Iowa Wikipedia Player of the Year: Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year (1985) Drafted 1 

Chuck Long

Chuck Long  [1981-1985]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: First Team (1983, 1984, 1985) Player of the Year: Maxwell Award (1985), Big Ten MVP (1985), Davey O'Brien Award (1985) All American: Consensus First Team (1985) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Ron Hawley

Ron Hawley  [1981-1983]

Straun Joseph

Straun Joseph  [1981-1982]
 Iowa LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey  [1981-1983]

Dave Browne

Dave Browne  [1981-1982]

Owen Gill

Owen Gill  [1981-1984]
 New York Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 2nd team (1984), Honorable mention (1982, 1983) Drafted 2 

Tom Nichol

Tom Nichol  [1981-1984]

Mike Yacullo

Mike Yacullo  [1981-1982]

Loren Gerleman

Loren Gerleman  [1981-1982]

Dave Chambers

Dave Chambers  [1981-1983]

George Little

George Little  [1981-1984]
 Pennsylvania Drafted 3 

Todd Berkenpas

Todd Berkenpas  [1981-1985]

Norm Balke

Norm Balke  [1981-1981]

Michael Payne

Michael Payne  [1981-1985]
 Illinois All American: Freshman (1982) Drafted 3 

Devon Mitchell

Devon Mitchell  [1981-1985]
 New York Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1984), 2nd Team (1985) All American: Honorable Mention (1984, 1985) Drafted 4 

Hap Peterson

Hap Peterson  [1981-1985]
 Iowa All Conference: 1st Team (1985) All American: Honorable mention (1985) 

Keith Hunter

Keith Hunter  [1981-1984]
 New Jersey 

Eddie Sullivan

Eddie Sullivan  [1981-1982]

Greg Stokes

Greg Stokes  [1981-1985]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1985), Unknown (1983, 1984) Drafted 2 

Zane Corbin

Zane Corbin  [1981-1984]
 New Jersey 

Jay Norvell

Jay Norvell  [1981-1985]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (1985) 

Jay Bachman

Jay Bachman  [1981-1983]

Dave Strobel

Dave Strobel  [1981-1984]
 Minnesota Drafted 8 

Tim Sennott

Tim Sennott  [1982-1985]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Ronnie Harmon

Ronnie Harmon  [1982-1985]
 New York Wikipedia All Conference: First Team (1984, 1985) Drafted 1 1992 

Treye Jackson

Treye Jackson  [1982-1982]

Doug Burrell

Doug Burrell  [1982-1985]

Gary Kostrubala

Gary Kostrubala  [1982-1986]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Scott Helverson

Scott Helverson  [1982-1985]
 Iowa LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jonathan Hayes

Jonathan Hayes  [1982-1984]
 Pennsylvania Wikipedia Drafted 2 

George Millett

George Millett  [1982-1985]

Erric Hedgeman

Erric Hedgeman  [1982-1983]
 New Jersey 

Cornelius Robertson

Cornelius Robertson  [1982-1983]

Larry Station

Larry Station  [1982-1985]
 Nebraska Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1983, 1984, 1985), 2nd Team (1982), Academic (1983, 1984 All American: 1st Team (1984, 1985), 2nd Team (1983), Freshman (1982), Academic (1983, 1985) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 11 

Andre Banks

Andre Banks  [1982-1986]
 Illinois All Conference: Honorable Mention (1986) Drafted 5 

Tom Humphrey

Tom Humphrey  [1982-1985]

Bill Happel

Bill Happel  [1982-1985]
 Iowa All Conference: 2nd Team (1985) 

Brad Lohaus

Brad Lohaus  [1982-1987]
 Arizona Wikipedia Drafted 2 

Carol Bruggeman

Carol Bruggeman  [1983-1987]
 Iowa All Conference: 2nd Team (1987), Honorable mention (1986), Academic (1985-87) All American: Academic (1987) 

Dave Alexander

Dave Alexander  [1983-1987]

Joe Schuster

Joe Schuster  [1983-1987]
 Minnesota Drafted 10 

Pat Coppinger

Pat Coppinger  [1983-1986]
 Missouri Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Rick Schmidt

Rick Schmidt  [1983-1986]

Bruce Gear

Bruce Gear  [1983-1986]

Mark Sindlinger

Mark Sindlinger  [1983-1986]

Dave Snedeker

Dave Snedeker  [1983-1985]

Jon Vrieze

Jon Vrieze  [1983-1986]

Gerry Wright

Gerry Wright  [1983-1987]
 California All Conference: 3rd Team (1986) Drafted 5 

Dave Croston

Dave Croston  [1983-1986]
 Iowa Wikipedia Player of the Year: Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year (1986) Drafted 3 

Kenny Fullard

Kenny Fullard  [1983-1985]

Mark Vlasic

Mark Vlasic  [1983-1986]
 Pennsylvania Wikipedia LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable Mention (1986), Academic (1986) Drafted 4 

Jeff Drost

Jeff Drost  [1983-1986]
 Iowa Wikipedia Drafted 8 

Malcolm Christie

Malcolm Christie  [1984-1987]
 New Jersey  Twitter LinkedIn 

Kevin Harmon

Kevin Harmon  [1984-1987]
 New York Wikipedia Drafted 4 

Herb Wester

Herb Wester  [1984-1987]
 New Hampshire Drafted 5 

Quinn Early

Quinn Early  [1984-1987]
 New York Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1987) Drafted 3 

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor  [1984-1986]
 New Jersey 

Michael Reaves

Michael Reaves  [1984-1988]

Rick Bayless

Rick Bayless  [1984-1987]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 1st Team (1986) All American: Honorable mention (1986) 

Kerry Burt

Kerry Burt  [1984-1987]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Marshall Cotton

Marshall Cotton  [1984-1987]

Craig Clark

Craig Clark  [1984-1987]

Bill Jones

Bill Jones  [1984-1988]

Jim Mauro

Jim Mauro  [1984-1987]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Mike Flagg

Mike Flagg  [1984-1987]
 Iowa LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (1986, 1987), Academic (1985-1987) 

Al Lorenzen

Al Lorenzen  [1984-1988]
 Iowa  Twitter LinkedIn 

J.J. Puk

J.J. Puk  [1984-1987]
 Iowa LinkedIn 

Jeff Moe

Jeff Moe  [1984-1988]
 Indiana Wikipedia Drafted 2 

Kent Hill

Kent Hill  [1984-1988]

Bob Kratch

Bob Kratch  [1985-1988]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (1988) Drafted 3 1994 

Chuck Hartlieb

Chuck Hartlieb  [1985-1988]
 Illinois Wikipedia LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1987, 1988) All American: Academic (1987, 1988) Drafted 12 

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson  [1985-1988]

Les Jepsen

Les Jepsen  [1985-1990]
 North Dakota Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 3rd Team (1990) Drafted 2 

Chris Gambol

Chris Gambol  [1985-1986]
 Michigan Drafted 3 

Jeff Croston

Jeff Croston  [1985-1988]

Jim Reilly

Jim Reilly  [1985-1988]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: Honorable Mention (1988) 

Mike Burke

Mike Burke  [1985-1988]

Grant Goodman

Grant Goodman  [1985-1988]

Greg Divis

Greg Divis  [1985-1988]

Rob Houghtlin

Rob Houghtlin  [1985-1987]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 1st Team (1985), 2nd Team (1986) 

Kevin Gamble

Kevin Gamble  [1985-1987]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter Drafted 3 

David Hudson

David Hudson  [1985-1988]
 Texas All Conference: Honorable Mention (1986) All American: Football News Sophomore (1985) 

Marv Cook

Marv Cook  [1985-1988]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1987, 1988) All American: Consensus (1988) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 3 1991, 1992 

Bob Schmitt

Bob Schmitt  [1985-1988]

Deven Harberts

Deven Harberts  [1985-1988]
 Iowa  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Tyrone Berrie

Tyrone Berrie  [1985-1988]

Marc Mazzeri

Marc Mazzeri  [1985-1988]

Roy Marble

Roy Marble  [1985-1989]
 Michigan Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: 2nd Team (1987, 1988), 3rd Team (1989) All American: Honorable Mention (1989) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 1 

Ed Horton

Ed Horton  [1985-1989]
 Illinois Wikipedia LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1989) Drafted 2 

Dave Haight

Dave Haight  [1985-1988]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1986, 1987, 1988) Player of the Year: Defensive Lineman of the Year (1987) All American: 1st Team (1988), Honorable Mention (1986) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas  [1985-1987]

Jim Poynton

Jim Poynton  [1985-1989]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

B.J. Armstrong

B.J. Armstrong  [1985-1989]
 Michigan Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: 1987 Drafted 1 1994 

Joe Mott

Joe Mott  [1985-1988]
 New York Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (1988), Honorable mention (1987) Drafted 3 

Mark Stoops

Mark Stoops  [1985-1989]
 Ohio Wikipedia 

Travis Watkins

Travis Watkins  [1986-1989]

Richard Bass

Richard Bass  [1986-1989]

Tork Hook

Tork Hook  [1986-1989]

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson  [1986-1989]
 Minnesota All Conference: Honorable Mention (1988, 1989), 2nd Team (1990) Drafted 7 

James Pipkins

James Pipkins  [1986-1988]

Myron Keppy

Myron Keppy  [1986-1987]

Dan McGwire

Dan McGwire  [1986-1987]
 California Wikipedia Drafted 1 

Anthony Wright

Anthony Wright  [1986-1989]

Tom Poholsky

Tom Poholsky  [1986-1989]

Mike Miller

Mike Miller  [1986-1990]

Greg Fedders

Greg Fedders  [1986-1989]

Brad Quast

Brad Quast  [1986-1989]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1988, 1989) All American: 1st Team Freshman (1986) Drafted 10 

Jeff Beard

Jeff Beard  [1986-1987]

Peter Marciano

Peter Marciano  [1986-1989]

Kent Thompson

Kent Thompson  [1986-1987]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jeff Koeppel

Jeff Koeppel  [1986-1989]
 Iowa  Twitter LinkedIn 

Dwight Sistrunk

Dwight Sistrunk  [1986-1987]
 Ohio All Conference: 2nd Team (1987) 

Greg Brown

Greg Brown  [1987-1990]

Sean Smith

Sean Smith  [1987-1990]

Jon Werner

Jon Werner  [1987-1991]
 Minnesota  Twitter 

Melvin Foster

Melvin Foster  [1987-1990]
 Texas All Conference: 1st Team (1990) 

Brian Wise

Brian Wise  [1987-1991]

Mark Adams

Mark Adams  [1987-1988]

Matt Ruhland

Matt Ruhland  [1987-1990]

Nick Bell

Nick Bell  [1987-1990]
 Nevada Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1990) Player of the Year: Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year (1990) Drafted 2 

Matt Rodgers

Matt Rodgers  [1987-1991]
 Massachusetts Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn All Conference: First Team (1990, 1991), Honorable Mention (1989) Player of the Year: Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year (1990) Drafted 12 

Michael Ingram

Michael Ingram  [1987-1990]

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart  [1987-1990]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 11 

William 'Bill' Perkins III

William 'Bill' Perkins III  [1987-1989]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Merton Hanks

Merton Hanks  [1987-1990]
 Texas Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1990) Drafted 5 1994–1997 

Rob Baxley

Rob Baxley  [1988-1991]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1991) All American: Honorable Mention (1991) Drafted 11 

Rod Davis

Rod Davis  [1988-1991]
 New York LinkedIn 

Troy Skinner

Troy Skinner  [1988-1992]

Wade Lookingbill

Wade Lookingbill  [1988-1993]

Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson  [1988-1990]

Leroy Smith

Leroy Smith  [1988-1991]
 New Jersey Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Mike Saunders

Mike Saunders  [1988-1991]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: First Team (1991) Drafted 10 

Jeff Skillett

Jeff Skillett  [1988-1991]

Phil Bradley

Phil Bradley  [1988-1991]

Jim Hujsak

Jim Hujsak  [1988-1991]
 New Hampshire 

Matt Bullard

Matt Bullard  [1988-1990]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Mark Wetzel

Mark Wetzel  [1988-1990]

Jon Filloon

Jon Filloon  [1988-1991]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Doug Scott

Doug Scott  [1988-1991]

Rodell Davis

Rodell Davis  [1988-1992]

John Derby

John Derby  [1988-1991]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia 

Eddie Polly

Eddie Polly  [1988-1991]

Ron Geater

Ron Geater  [1988-1991]
 Drafted 7 

James Moses

James Moses  [1988-1992]

Chris Greene

Chris Greene  [1988-1992]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Sean Snyder

Sean Snyder  [1988-1989]
 Texas Wikipedia 

Doug Laufenberg

Doug Laufenberg  [1989-1993]

Carlos James

Carlos James  [1989-1992]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1992) 

Mike Devlin

Mike Devlin  [1989-1992]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 5 

Jay Webb

Jay Webb  [1989-1993]
 California LinkedIn 

Mike Hornaday

Mike Hornaday  [1989-1993]

Doug Buch

Doug Buch  [1989-1992]
 Iowa LinkedIn 

Bob Rees

Bob Rees  [1989-1992]

Matt Whitaker

Matt Whitaker  [1989-1992]
 Iowa Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn Player of the Year: Big Ten Medal of Honor (1993) All American: Academic (1992) 

Larry Blue

Larry Blue  [1989-1993]
 New York 

Scott Davis

Scott Davis  [1989-1992]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: Honorable Mention (1991) Drafted 6 

Mike Ferroni

Mike Ferroni  [1989-1992]
 New Jersey 

Paul Kujawa

Paul Kujawa  [1989-1992]
 Wisconsin Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jason Dumont

Jason Dumont  [1989-1992]

Teddy Jo Faley

Teddy Jo Faley  [1989-1992]
 Iowa All Conference: Academic (1990, 1991) 

Alan Cross

Alan Cross  [1989-1992]

Steve Breault

Steve Breault  [1989-1992]

Danan Hughes

Danan Hughes  [1989-1992]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1991), 2nd Team (1992), Honorable mention (1990) Drafted 7 

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson  [1989-1992]

Bret Bielema

Bret Bielema  [1989-1992]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Scott Sether

Scott Sether  [1989-1993]

Acie Earl

Acie Earl  [1989-1993]
 Illinois Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd team (1991, 1993), 1st Team (1992) Player of the Year: 1992 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year (1993) All American: Honorable Mention (1992, 1993) Drafted 1 

Marvin Lampkin

Marvin Lampkin  [1989-1992]

Paul Burmeister

Paul Burmeister  [1989-1993]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Lew Montgomery

Lew Montgomery  [1989-1992]
 Iowa  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable mention (1991) 

Ted Velicer

Ted Velicer  [1989-1992]

Jim Hartlieb

Jim Hartlieb  [1989-1992]

Ernest Crank

Ernest Crank  [1990-1993]

Cliff King

Cliff King  [1990-1993]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

Jason Olejniczak

Jason Olejniczak  [1990-1993]
 Iowa LinkedIn All Conference: Academic (1990-1993) 

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith  [1990-1993]

Andy Kreider

Andy Kreider  [1990-1993]
 Illinois  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

James Winters

James Winters  [1990-1994]

Maurea Crain

Maurea Crain  [1990-1993]

Tyrone Boudreaux

Tyrone Boudreaux  [1990-1993]

Mike Sibert

Mike Sibert  [1990-1992]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Matt Quest

Matt Quest  [1990-1993]

Mark Roussell

Mark Roussell  [1990-1994]
 Iowa  Twitter 

Mike Dailey

Mike Dailey  [1990-1993]

Phil Lee

Phil Lee  [1990-1992]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Val Barnes

Val Barnes  [1990-1993]

John Kline

John Kline  [1990-1993]

Mike Wells

Mike Wells  [1990-1993]
 Missouri Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1992, 1993), Honorable Mention (1990) Drafted 4 

Jim Bartels

Jim Bartels  [1990-1995]

Matt Hilliard

Matt Hilliard  [1990-1993]

Chris Frazier

Chris Frazier  [1990-1992]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Chris Street

Chris Street  [1990-1993]
 Iowa Wikipedia 

Jeff Anttila

Jeff Anttila  [1990-1993]

Marty Baldwin

Marty Baldwin  [1990-1992]

Bill Lange

Bill Lange  [1990-1993]

John Hartlieb

John Hartlieb  [1991-1994]

Fritz Fequiere

Fritz Fequiere  [1991-1994]
 New York Drafted 6 

Marquis 'Bo' Porter

Marquis "Bo" Porter  [1991-1994]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable mention (1994) 

Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher  [1991-1992]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Phil Chime

Phil Chime  [1991-1992]

Shawn Gillen

Shawn Gillen  [1991-1992]

John Houston

John Houston  [1991-1993]

Ryan Abraham

Ryan Abraham  [1991-1994]
 Iowa LinkedIn 

James Freese

James Freese  [1991-1992]

Anthony Dean

Anthony Dean  [1991-1994]
 Florida  Twitter LinkedIn 

Pat Boone

Pat Boone  [1991-1994]
 Tennessee LinkedIn 

Bruce Menzel

Bruce Menzel  [1991-1992]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Hal Mady

Hal Mady  [1991-1994]
 Illinois  Twitter LinkedIn 

Matt Eyde

Matt Eyde  [1991-1993]
 Michigan LinkedIn 

Parker Wildeman

Parker Wildeman  [1991-1994]
 Iowa All Conference: 2nd Team (1994) 

Harold Jasper

Harold Jasper  [1991-1994]
 New York 

Scott Slutzker

Scott Slutzker  [1992-1995]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (1995), 3rd Team (1994) Drafted 3 

Brion Hurley

Brion Hurley  [1992-1996]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Damien Robinson

Damien Robinson  [1992-1996]
 Texas Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1996) Drafted 4 

Demo Odems

Demo Odems  [1992-1996]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Russ Millard

Russ Millard  [1992-1996]
 Iowa Wikipedia All Conference: 3rd Team (1996) Drafted 2 

Ross Verba

Ross Verba  [1992-1996]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1996) Drafted 1 

Damani Shakoor

Damani Shakoor  [1992-1995]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

Mick Mulherin

Mick Mulherin  [1992-1995]

Mon'ter Glasper

Mon'ter Glasper  [1992-1996]

Billy Coats

Billy Coats  [1992-1996]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

George Bennett

George Bennett  [1992-1995]

Ian Davis

Ian Davis  [1992-1995]

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson  [1992-1995]
 Texas All Conference: Honorable Mention (1995) 

Willie Guy

Willie Guy  [1992-1995]

Kevin Skillett

Kevin Skillett  [1992-1995]
 Illinois  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Aaron Kooiker

Aaron Kooiker  [1992-1995]
 Iowa  Twitter LinkedIn 

Lloyd Bickham

Lloyd Bickham  [1992-1995]
 Illinois LinkedIn 

John Oostendorp

John Oostendorp  [1992-1992]

Mike Duprey

Mike Duprey  [1992-1994]

Kenyon Murray

Kenyon Murray  [1992-1996]
 Michigan  Twitter LinkedIn 

Jon Ortlieb

Jon Ortlieb  [1992-1996]
 Florida Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell  [1992-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Todd Romano

Todd Romano  [1992-1995]
 Florida LinkedIn 

Ryan Driscoll

Ryan Driscoll  [1992-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Ted Serama

Ted Serama  [1992-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Academic (1995, 1996) 

Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry  [1992-1994]
 Ohio Personal sites and NIL pages LinkedIn 

Tom Knight

Tom Knight  [1992-1996]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 2nd team (1996) Drafted 1 

Brett Chambers

Brett Chambers  [1992-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Bobby Diaco

Bobby Diaco  [1992-1995]
 New Jersey Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1995), Honorable Mention (1994) 

Casey Wiegmann

Casey Wiegmann  [1992-1995]
 Iowa Wikipedia 2009 

Matt Purdy

Matt Purdy  [1992-1995]
 Iowa  Twitter 

Sedrick Shaw

Sedrick Shaw  [1993-1996]
 Texas Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1996), Honorable Mention (1995) Drafted 3 

Simone Edwards

Simone Edwards  [1993-1997]

Eddie Gibson

Eddie Gibson  [1993-1997]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Damon Gibson

Damon Gibson  [1993-1997]
 Texas Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kerry Cooks

Kerry Cooks  [1993-1997]
 Texas Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted 5 

Bill Reardon

Bill Reardon  [1993-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Kent Kahl

Kent Kahl  [1993-1994]

Bill Ennis-Inge

Bill Ennis-Inge  [1993-1996]
 Missouri Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: Honorable Mention (1996) 

Chris Webb

Chris Webb  [1993-1994]

Toney Bates

Toney Bates  [1993-1993]

Rodney Filer

Rodney Filer  [1993-1996]
 Texas Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jess Settles

Jess Settles  [1993-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (1996), 3rd Team (1994, 1995)  Player of the Year: Big Ten Freshman of the Year (1994) All American: Honorable Mention (1996) 

Brian McCullouch

Brian McCullouch  [1993-1994]

Scott Hosier

Scott Hosier  [1993-1994]

John Carter

John Carter  [1993-1995]

Jason House

Jason House  [1993-1997]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Marcus 'Tex' Montgomery

Marcus Montgomery  [1993-1995]

Reggie Williams

Reggie Williams  [1993-1995]

Hausia Fuahala

Hausia Fuahala  [1993-1994]

Jason Henlon

Jason Henlon  [1993-1994]

Chris Kingsbury

Chris Kingsbury  [1993-1996]
 Ohio Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1995) 

Scott Yoder

Scott Yoder  [1993-1997]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Nick Gallery

Nick Gallery  [1993-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: First Team (1995, 1996), 2nd Team (1993) 

Richard Willock

Richard Willock  [1993-1997]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Plez Atkins

Plez Atkins  [1994-1997]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (1997), Honorable Mention (1995, 1996) 

Steve English

Steve English  [1994-1998]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman  [1994-1997]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd team (1996) 

Andre Woolridge

Andre Woolridge  [1994-1997]
 Nebraska Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1996, 1997) All American: 3rd Team (1997) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Mike Goff

Mike Goff  [1994-1997]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Drafted 3 

Jared Kerkhoff

Jared Kerkhoff  [1994-1998]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Greg Helmers

Greg Helmers  [1994-1998]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Tavian Banks

Tavian Banks  [1994-1997]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Player of the Year: Big Ten Co-Offensive Player of the Year (1997) Drafted 4 

Kent McCausland

Kent McCausland  [1994-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Ryan Bowen

Ryan Bowen  [1994-1998]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 2nd Team (1998), 3rd Team (1997) Drafted 2 

Jeremy McKinney

Jeremy McKinney  [1994-1997]
 Colorado Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Trevor Bollers

Trevor Bollers  [1994-1998]
 Alberta Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn 

Jon LaFleur

Jon LaFleur  [1994-1997]

Derek Price

Derek Price  [1994-1995]
 Arizona Wikipedia LinkedIn 

Tim Dwight

Tim Dwight  [1994-1997]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn All Conference: First Team (1997), Second Team (1996) All American: First Team (1996, 1997) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 4 

Trent Tiessen

Trent Tiessen  [1994-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Eric Hultgren

Eric Hultgren  [1994-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

J.P. Lange

J.P. Lange  [1994-1997]
 Wisconsin Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

John Wilder

John Wilder  [1994-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: Academic (1995) 

Ricchard Carter

Ricchard Carter  [1994-1997]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Mark Ede

Mark Ede  [1994-1995]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark  [1994-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Chad Deal

Chad Deal  [1995-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Alexe Rodopoulos

Alexe Rodopoulos  [1995-1996]
 Missouri Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Chris Miller

Chris Miller  [1995-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Vernon Rollins

Vernon Rollins  [1995-1998]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Michael Burger

Michael Burger  [1995-1998]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Zach Shay

Zach Shay  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Derek Rose

Derek Rose  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Jared DeVries

Jared DeVries  [1995-1998]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1996, 1997, 1998) Player of the Year: Big Ten Defensive Lineman (1997) All American: Consensus 1st team (1998), 2nd Team (1997), 3rd Team (1996) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted 3 

Aaron Granquist

Aaron Granquist  [1995-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: Academic (1995, 1996) 

Randy Reiners

Randy Reiners  [1995-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Darryl Moore

Darryl Moore  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

J.R. Koch

J.R. Koch  [1995-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted 2 

Aron Klein

Aron Klein  [1995-1998]
 Wisconsin Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn All Conference: Academic (1995-1997) 

Paul Moten

Paul Moten  [1995-1996]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jay Bickford

Jay Bickford  [1995-1999]
 New York Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: Academic (1998, 1999) 

Tony Collins

Tony Collins  [1995-1997]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Bart Palmer

Bart Palmer  [1995-1999]
 Kentucky Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Tariq Peterson

Tariq Peterson  [1995-1999]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Brandon Phearse

Brandon Phearse  [1995-1996]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Chris Knipper

Chris Knipper  [1995-1997]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Eric Thigpen

Eric Thigpen  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Honorable Mention (1997) Drafted 6 

Jason Simon

Jason Simon  [1995-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Zach Bromert

Zach Bromert  [1995-1998]
 Florida Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Shalor Pryor

Shalor Pryor  [1995-1997]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes  [1995-1998]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable mention (1996, 1998), Academic All-Big Ten (1995-1998) 

Alvin Robinson

Alvin Robinson  [1995-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jason Bauer

Jason Bauer  [1995-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jeff Buch

Jeff Buch  [1996-2000]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Matt Markway

Matt Markway  [1996-1996]
 Missouri Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Brian Keat

Brian Keat  [1996-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Billy Brann

Billy Brann  [1996-1996]
 Missouri Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Ryan Luehrsmann

Ryan Luehrsmann  [1996-2000]

Marcelo Gomes

Marcelo Gomes  [1996-2000]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Doug Miller

Doug Miller  [1996-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn 

Zeron Flemister

Zeron Flemister  [1996-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Guy Rucker

Guy Rucker  [1996-1999]
 Michigan Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jeff McCracken

Jeff McCracken  [1996-1996]
 Missouri Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Corey Brown

Corey Brown  [1996-1999]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Vernon Simmons

Vernon Simmons  [1996-1998]
 California Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Ryan Hansen

Ryan Hansen  [1996-2000]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Skip Miller

Skip Miller  [1996-1998]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Alex Smith

Alex Smith  [1996-1996]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Raj Clark

Raj Clark  [1996-1998]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kyle Trippeer

Kyle Trippeer  [1996-2000]
 New Mexico Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Keith Rigtrup

Keith Rigtrup  [1996-1997]
 Utah Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Joshua 'Jed' Dull

Joshua 'Jed' Dull  [1996-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Rob Thein

Rob Thein  [1996-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

LeVar Woods

LeVar Woods  [1996-2000]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd team (2000), Honorable mention (2000) 

Joe Slattery

Joe Slattery  [1996-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Scott Mullen

Scott Mullen  [1996-2000]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Bashir Yamini

Bashir Yamini  [1996-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Tarig Holman

Tarig Holman  [1996-1999]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Travis Senters

Travis Senters  [1996-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Ryan Barton

Ryan Barton  [1996-2000]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Matt Redman

Matt Redman  [1996-1997]

Austin Wheatley

Austin Wheatley  [1996-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted 5 

Matt Bowen

Matt Bowen  [1996-1999]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (1999) All American: 2nd Team (1999) Drafted 6 

Kevin Kasper

Kevin Kasper  [1996-2000]
 Illinois Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 2nd Team (2000), Honorable Mention (1999), Academic (1999, 2000) Drafted 6 

Cory Bern

Cory Bern  [1996-1996]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Evan Wardell

Evan Wardell  [1996-1998]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Epenesa Epenesa

Epenesa Epenesa  [1996-1997]
 American Samoa Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jason Baker

 Indiana Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Honorable mention (2000) 

John Carl Williams

John Carl Williams  [1997-2000]
 Wisconsin Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Jason Smith

Jason Smith  [1997-2001]
 Iowa Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Ben Sobieski

Ben Sobieski  [1997-2002]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Drafted 5 

Ricky Davis

Ricky Davis  [1997-1998]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted 1 

Jeff Kramer

Jeff Kramer  [1997-1998]
 Texas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson  [1997-1997]
 California  Twitter Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Dean Oliver

Dean Oliver  [1997-2001]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 3rd Team (1999, 2000, 2001) 

Anthony Herron

Anthony Herron  [1997-2000]
 Illinois Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable Mention (2000) 

Ed Rozell

Ed Rozell  [1997-1998]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Kyle Galloway

Kyle Galloway  [1997-2001]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship)