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774 highlight videos and 660 full game videos gathered from the internet about the past 5,863 Iowa Hawkeye football (since 1889) and basketball (since 1901) games. We also have profiles for 1773 players and 72 coaches.

8/31/2024 Football vs  Illinois State

9/7/2024 Football vs  Iowa State

9/14/2024 Football vs  Troy

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We are building out this page quickly so check back daily for new players. They are being added ad-hoc, no particular rhyme or reason other than something I stumbled upon, or someone really popular, or in the recent news, or someone of personal interest to me. Some research takes me down a "rabbit hole" that uncovers some amazing information. My intent is to list almost every letterwinner and significant contributor (maybe because of what they did after their playing days or off the field), but that will take years to complete. As the list grows, we'll also improve the search and filtering to make it easier to find players. If you'd like to help, contact us to learn more about some paid work. We need help taking the various biographies and some research, and consolidating them down into essential information and not just a copy/paste from another site. We'll definitely take requests if you have a favorite or important player not listed yet. If you personally are a former player, I'm happy to add or revise your profile (as you have the best and most correct information), just contact me.

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Becky Moessner

Becky Moessner  [1974-1978]

Missing photo for Emma Williams

Emma Williams  [1974-1975]

Missing photo for Shirley Vargason

Shirley Vargason  [1975-1978]

Missing photo for Melinda Welter

Melinda Welter  [1975-1979]

Missing photo for Jenni Mayer

Jenni Mayer  [1975-1977]

Missing photo for Katharine Peters

Katharine Peters  [1975-1978]

Missing photo for Margie Rubow

Margie Rubow  [1975-1978]

Missing photo for Teresa Meyer

Teresa Meyer  [1975-1979]

Missing photo for Laura Shawver

Laura Shawver  [1975-1979]

Missing photo for Lynn Oberbillig

Lynn Oberbillig  [1975-1978]

Diana Williams

Diana Williams  [1975-1980]

Missing photo for Barb Mueller

Barb Mueller  [1975-1980]

Cindy Haugejorde

Cindy Haugejorde  [1976-1980]
 Minnesota All American: District V 1st Team (1980) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Missing photo for Kris Rogers

Kris Rogers  [1976-1982]

Missing photo for Polly Ven Horst

Polly Ven Horst  [1976-1982]

Sue Beckwith

Sue Beckwith  [1976-1980]

Missing photo for Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson  [1976-1981]

Missing photo for DeDe Towe

DeDe Towe  [1976-1980]

Missing photo for Karen Swanson

Karen Swanson  [1977-1979]

Missing photo for Lori Offergeld

Lori Offergeld  [1977-1981]

Missing photo for Erin McGrane

Erin McGrane  [1977-1980]

Vicki Burnham

Vicki Burnham  [1977-1978]

Missing photo for Carmen Kinrade

Carmen Kinrade  [1978-1979]

Missing photo for Terri Lusignan

Terri Lusignan  [1978-1982]

Missing photo for Sue Roeder

Sue Roeder  [1978-1981]

Missing photo for Joni Rensvold

Joni Rensvold  [1978-1982]

Missing photo for Cheri Young

Cheri Young  [1979-1982]

Missing photo for Jackie Regel

Jackie Regel  [1979-1983]

Missing photo for Kris Wistrom

Kris Wistrom  [1979-1983]

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson  [1980-1984]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia 

Missing photo for Maureen Riopelle

Maureen Riopelle  [1980-1981]

Angie Lee

Angie Lee  [1980-1984]
 Illinois Wikipedia 

Missing photo for Kim Nelson

Kim Nelson  [1981-1983]

Julie Genzen

Julie Genzen  [1981-1983]

Missing photo for Darleen Kendel

Darleen Kendel  [1981-1982]

Missing photo for Maureen McAlpine

Maureen McAlpine  [1982-1986]

Missing photo for Ann Kildahl

Ann Kildahl  [1982-1983]

Missing photo for Angie Lewis

Angie Lewis  [1983-1985]

Missing photo for Lisa Long

Lisa Long  [1983-1987]
 New Jersey 

Missing photo for Tammy McKay

Tammy McKay  [1983-1987]

Lisa Becker

Lisa Becker  [1983-1987]
 Iowa All Conference: Honorable Mention (1985, 1987), Academic (1986, 1987) Player of the Year: Freshman (1984) 

Lynn Kennedy

Lynn Kennedy  [1983-1987]
 New Jersey All Conference: Honorable Mention (1986) 

Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards  [1984-1988]
 Massachusetts Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (1986, 1987, 1988) Player of the Year: Big Ten Player of the Year (1988), WBCA Player of the Year (1988) All American: 1st Team (1988) 

Missing photo for Tracy Washington

Tracy Washington  [1984-1986]

Missing photo for Jolynn Schneider

Jolynn Schneider  [1984-1988]

Pam Williams

Pam Williams  [1984-1988]

Robin Christian

Robin Christian  [1985-1989]
 Massachusetts All Conference: 1st Team (1986) 

Shanda Berry

Shanda Berry  [1985-1989]

Franthea Price

Franthea Price  [1986-1990]
 Michigan  Twitter 

Jolette Law

Jolette Law  [1986-1990]
 South Carolina Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1989, 1990), Honorable Mention (1988) All American: 1st Team (1990) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Jody Ratigan

Jody Ratigan  [1986-1990]

Stephanie Schueler

Stephanie Schueler  [1987-1991]
 South Dakota 

Felicia Hall

Felicia Hall  [1987-1991]

Missing photo for Lorelei Watts

Lorelei Watts  [1987-1989]

Katie Abrahamson

Katie Abrahamson  [1987-1990]

Missing photo for Rena McMillon

Rena McMillon  [1987-1989]

LaTonya Tate

LaTonya Tate  [1988-1992]

Missing photo for Trisha Waugh

Trisha Waugh  [1988-1991]

Missing photo for Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor  [1988-1990]

Becky Shrigley

Becky Shrigley  [1988-1992]
 New Hampshire All Conference: Academic (1990, 1992) 

Missing photo for Cassandra Rahming

Cassandra Rahming  [1988-1992]

Toni Foster

Toni Foster  [1989-1993]
 Illinois Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1991, 1992, 1993) Player of the Year: Big Ten Player of the Year (1993) All American: 1993 U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted in Round 1 

Antonia Macklin

Antonia Macklin  [1990-1995]

Necole Tunsil

Necole Tunsil  [1990-1994]

Virgie Dillingham

Virgie Dillingham  [1990-1994]

Missing photo for Demetria Bright

Demetria Bright  [1990-1992]

Andrea Harmon

Andrea Harmon  [1990-1994]

Tia Jackson

Tia Jackson  [1990-1995]
 Maryland Wikipedia All Conference: Honorable Mention (1993, 1995) Drafted in Round 2 

Arneda Yarbrough

Arneda Yarbrough  [1991-1995]

Laurie Aaron

Laurie Aaron  [1992-1993]

Molly Tideback

Molly Tideback  [1992-1993]

Cathy Marx

Cathy Marx  [1992-1993]

Jenny Noll

Jenny Noll  [1992-1993]

Karen Clayton

Karen Clayton  [1992-1993]
 North Carolina 

Missing photo for Erinn Reed

Erinn Reed  [1993-1994]

Missing photo for Susan Koering

Susan Koering  [1993-1997]

Simone Edwards

Simone Edwards  [1993-1997]

Missing photo for Tangela Smith

Tangela Smith  [1994-1998]
 Illinois Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia All Conference: 1st Team (1996, 1998), Honorable Mention (1997) Player of the Year: Big Ten Player of the Year (1998) Drafted in Round 2 

Missing photo for Angela 'Angie' Hamblin

Angela 'Angie' Hamblin  [1994-1998]
 Indiana Wikipedia Drafted in Round 3 

Shannon Perry

Shannon Perry  [1994-1998]
 California Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Academic (1996, 1997, 1998) 

Missing photo for Malikah Willis

Malikah Willis  [1994-1998]

Missing photo for Timicha Kirby

Timicha Kirby  [1994-1995]

Nadine Domond

Nadine Domond  [1994-1998]
 Connecticut Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: 2nd Team (1998) Drafted in Round 2 

Missing photo for Amy Herrig

Amy Herrig  [1995-1999]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted in Round 4 

Mary Berdo

Mary Berdo  [1996-2001]
 Iowa  Twitter 

Missing photo for Chinyere Vann

Chinyere Vann  [1996-1997]
 New York 

Cara Consuegra

Cara Consuegra  [1997-2001]
 Maryland Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (2001), Academic (1999, 2000, 2001) All American: Honorable Mention (2001) Drafted in Round 4 

Randi Peterson

Randi Peterson  [1997-2001]

Missing photo for Kari Knopf

Kari Knopf  [1997-1998]

Leah Magner

Leah Magner  [1998-2002]

Laura Podolak

Laura Podolak  [1998-2000]

Patrice Jennings

Patrice Jennings  [1998-2000]

Jerica Watson

Jerica Watson  [1998-2002]

Beatrice Bullock

Beatrice Bullock  [1998-2002]

Amy Van Arkel

Amy Van Arkel  [1998-2000]

Lindsey Meder

Lindsey Meder  [1998-2002]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (2001, 2002), 2nd Team (2000), Academic (2000-2002) All American: Academic (2001, 2002) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame Drafted in Round 3 

Amber O'Brien

Amber O'Brien  [1999-2000]

Tracy Schrupp

Tracy Schrupp  [1999-2003]

Hilleri Jennings

Hilleri Jennings  [1999-2000]

Missing photo for Becca McCann

Becca McCann  [2000-2004]

Jennie Lillis

Jennie Lillis  [2000-2004]
 Iowa Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (2002), 2nd Team (2003, 2004), Academic (2002, 2003, 2004) 

Missing photo for Lindsay Richards

Lindsay Richards  [2002-2006]

Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith  [2002-2006]
 Louisiana Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted in Round 3 

Missing photo for Tiffany Reedy

Tiffany Reedy  [2002-2006]

Missing photo for Morgan Kasperek

Morgan Kasperek  [2002-2006]

Missing photo for Johanna Solverson

Johanna Solverson  [2002-2008]

Missing photo for Ebone Pope

Ebone Pope  [2004-2006]

Abby Emmert

Abby Emmert  [2004-2008]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Missing photo for Jenee Graham

Jenee Graham  [2004-2008]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Krista VandeVenter

Krista VandeVenter  [2004-2008]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Missing photo for Stacy Schlapkohl

Stacy Schlapkohl  [2004-2008]

Missing photo for Megan Skouby

Megan Skouby  [2005-2009]

Wendy Ausdemore

Wendy Ausdemore  [2005-2009]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Missing photo for Kristi Smith

Kristi Smith  [2005-2009]

Missing photo for Lindsey Nyenhuis

Lindsey Nyenhuis  [2005-2009]

Missing photo for Nicole VanderPol

Nicole VanderPol  [2005-2009]

Missing photo for JoAnn Hamlin

JoAnn Hamlin  [2006-2010]
 Kansas Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Missing photo for Kelsey Cermak

Kelsey Cermak  [2007-2011]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kachine Alexander

Kachine Alexander  [2007-2011]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Drafted in Round 3 

Missing photo for Shante Jones

Shante Jones  [2008-2009]

Missing photo for Kelly Krei

Kelly Krei  [2008-2012]

Kamille Wahlin

Kamille Wahlin  [2008-2012]

Morgan Johnson

Morgan Johnson  [2009-2013]

Megan Considine

Megan Considine  [2009-2012]
 Illinois Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Trisha Nesbitt

Trisha Nesbitt  [2009-2013]

Gabby Machado

Gabby Machado  [2009-2010]

Jaime Printy

Jaime Printy  [2009-2013]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Theairra Taylor

Theairra Taylor  [2009-2014]

Jade Rogers

Jade Rogers  [2010-2011]

Virginia Johnson

Virginia Johnson  [2011-2012]

Bethany Doolittle

Bethany Doolittle  [2011-2015]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kathryn Reynolds

Kathryn Reynolds  [2011-2015]

Samantha 'Sam' Logic

Samantha 'Sam' Logic  [2011-2015]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All American: 1st Team (2015) Drafted in Round 1 

Melissa Dixon

Melissa Dixon  [2011-2015]

Kayla Timmerman

Kayla Timmerman  [2012-2013]

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith  [2012-2016]

Claire Till

Claire Till  [2012-2016]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Missing photo for Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas  [2012-2013]

Kali Peschel

Kali Peschel  [2012-2016]

Hailey Schneden

Hailey Schneden  [2013-2017]

Ally Disterhoft

Ally Disterhoft  [2013-2017]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn 

Alexa Kastanek

Alexa Kastanek  [2013-2017]

Chase Coley

Chase Coley  [2014-2018]

Carly Mohns

Carly Mohns  [2014-2018]

Whitney Jennings

Whitney Jennings  [2014-2016]

Megan Gustafson

Megan Gustafson  [2015-2019]
 Wisconsin Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted in Round 2 

Hannah Stewart

Hannah Stewart  [2015-2019]
 North Dakota 

Christina Buttenham

Christina Buttenham  [2015-2017]

Missing photo for Tagyn Larson

Tagyn Larson  [2015-2016]
 South Dakota 

Tania Davis

Tania Davis  [2015-2019]

Amanda Ollinger

Amanda Ollinger  [2016-2020]

Alexis Sevillian

Alexis Sevillian  [2016-2020]

Kathleen Doyle

Kathleen Doyle  [2016-2020]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile Drafted in Round 2 

Makenzie Meyer

Makenzie Meyer  [2016-2020]

Zion Sanders

Zion Sanders  [2017-2021]
 Indiana Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Paula Valino Ramos

Paula Valino Ramos  [2017-2020]
 Ourense Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Academic (2019) 

Kate Martin

Kate Martin  [2018-2024]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: Academic (2021, 2022), 2nd Team (2024) Drafted in Round 2 

Tomi  Taiwo

Tomi Taiwo  [2018-2022]
 Indiana Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Monika Czinano

Monika Czinano  [2018-2023]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) All American: Honorable Mention (2022, 2023) Drafted in Round 3 

Logan Cook

Logan Cook  [2018-2022]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Megan  Meyer

Megan Meyer  [2019-2020]

McKenna Warnock

McKenna Warnock  [2019-2023]

Missing photo for Megan Meyer

Megan Meyer  [2019-2020]

Gabbie Marshall

Gabbie Marshall  [2019-2024]
 Ohio Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Lauren  Jensen

Lauren Jensen  [2020-2021]

Shateah Wetering

Shateah Wetering  [2020-2023]

Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark  [2020-2024]
 Iowa Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (2021-2024), Freshman (2021) Player of the Year: Big Ten Player of the Year (2022, 23, 24), Naismith Player of the Year (2023, 24), Wooden Award (2023, 24), Freshman of the Year (2021) All American: 1st Team (2021-2024), Big Ten Player of the Year (2022-2024), Freshman of the Year (2021) Drafted in Round 1 

Sharon  Goodman

Sharon Goodman  [2020-2024]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

AJ Ediger

AJ Ediger  [2021-2024]
 Michigan Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kylie  Feuerbach

Kylie Feuerbach  [2021-2024]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Addison O'Grady

Addison O'Grady  [2021-2024]
 Colorado Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Sydney Affolter

Sydney Affolter  [2021-2024]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Taylor  McCabe

Taylor McCabe  [2022-2024]
 Nebraska Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Hannah  Stuelke

Hannah Stuelke  [2022-2024]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Molly Davis

Molly Davis  [2022-2024]
 Michigan Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jada Gyamfi

Jada Gyamfi  [2022-2024]
 Iowa Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kennise Johnson

Kennise Johnson  [2023-2024]
 Illinois Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Ava Jones

Ava Jones  [2023-2024]
 Kansas Personal sites and NIL pages Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter 

Lucy Olsen

Lucy Olsen  [2024-2025]
 Pennsylvania Personal sites and NIL pages  Twitter 

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