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12/11/2022 Basketball vs Wisconsin

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1981-1982 Iowa Football Year in Review

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Big Ten Co-ChampionsBig Ten Co-Champions

Summary: The Hawks were 6-2 in conference play and were Big Ten Conference co-champions. Iowa went to the Rose Bowl for the first time in 23 years. Their previous appearance in the 1958 season, when Iowa won the 1959 Rose Bowl. This time Iowa had a more difficult time, shutout by Don James's Washington Huskies, 28-0. It was also Iowa's first winning season since 1961. The Hawkeyes finished the 1981 season at 8-4.

Several Iowa players ranked among the Big Ten leaders. Lou King led the conference with eight interceptions. Phil Blatcher ranked fourth in the conference with 708 rushing yards. Tom Nichol ranked fourth in the conference with 11 field goals made. Jeff Brown ranked fourth in the conference with 137 punt return yards and 6.5 yards per punt return.Quarterback Gordy Bohannon ranked 10th in the conference with 1,303 total yards.

Flashback to 1981

Conference: Big Ten

Head Coach: Hayden Fry

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1981 Iowa Football Team RosterFull Team Roster
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Opponent / Score


Full Game


Iowa  vs  #7 Nebraska  

W     10 - 7 

Iowa State

Iowa  @  Iowa State  

L     12 - 23


Iowa  vs  #6 UCLA  

W     20 - 7 


#18 Iowa  @  Northwestern  

W     64 - 0


#15 Iowa  vs  Indiana  

W     42 - 28


#12 Iowa  @  #5 Michigan  

W     9 - 7 


#6 Iowa  vs  Minnesota  

L     10 - 12 


#16 Iowa  @  Illinois  

L     7 - 24 


Iowa  vs  Purdue  

W     33 - 7 


Iowa  @  Wisconsin  

W     17 - 7 

Michigan State

#19 Iowa  vs  Michigan State  

W     36 - 7 


#13 Iowa  vs  #12 Washington  

Rose Bowl

L     0 - 28 

Total Wins

Total Losses

Total Ties

Win %






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Andre Tippett

Andre Tippett

Newark, New Jersey [Barringer]

Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose (OL)

Brooklyn, New York [High]

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey (C)

Ypsilanti, Michigan [High]

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley (DL)

Cedar Falls, Iowa [High]

Bill Broghamer

Bill Broghamer (Wr)

Decorah, Iowa [High]

Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops (DB)

Youngstown, Ohio [Cardinal Mooney]

Brad Webb

Brad Webb (DL)

Glen Ellyn, Illinois [Benet Academy ]

Bruce Kittle

Bruce Kittle (OL)

Cedar Falls, Iowa [High]

Bryan Skradis

Bryan Skradis (DL)

Omaha, Nebraska [South]

Carl Peiffer

Carl Peiffer (OL)

Harper, Iowa [Keota]

Charlie Humphreys

Charlie Humphreys (QB)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa [Mt. Harmon]

Chuck Long

Chuck Long

Wheaton, Illinois [North]

Clay Uhlenhake

Clay Uhlenhake (DL)

Moravia, Iowa [High]

Craig Hartman

Craig Hartman (DB)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa [Jefferson]

Dave Browne

Dave Browne (DL)

Shaker Heights , Ohio [Marmion Military Academy]

Dave Chambers

Dave Chambers (QB)

Iowa City, Iowa [High]

Dave Mayhan

Dave Mayhan (OL)

Bellevue, Nebraska [High]

Dave Moritz

Dave Moritz (WR)

Chicago, Illinois [St. Rita]

Dave Oakes

Dave Oakes (OL)

Mason City, Iowa [High]

Dennis Klapperich

Dennis Klapperich (QB)

Stacyville, Iowa [St. Ansgar]

Devon Mitchell

Devon Mitchell

Brooklyn, New York [Tilden]

Dwayne Williams

Dwayne Williams (RB)

Bayonne, New Jersey [High]

Ed Langford

Ed Langford (DB)

Davenport, Iowa [Assumption]

Eddie Phillips

Eddie Phillips (RB)

Chicago, Illinois [Simeon]

Eddie Sullivan

Eddie Sullivan (DL)

Cambridge, Massachusetts [High]

George Little

George Little (DL)

Duquesne, Pennsylvania [High]

Glenn Buggs

Glenn Buggs (RB)

South Beloit, Illinois [High]

Gordy Bohannon

Gordy Bohannon

Eagle Rock, California [South Pasadena]

Greg Schlickman

Greg Schlickman (DB)

Dubuque, Iowa [Wahlert]

Gregg Hammann

Gregg Hammann (WR)

Bellevue, Iowa [High]

Hap Peterson

Hap Peterson (DL)

Bettendorf, Iowa [High]

Ivory Webb

Ivory Webb (WR)

Carson, California [High]

J.C. Love Jordan

J.C. Love Jordan (WR)

Robbins, Illinois [Richards]

Jack Rutenberg

Jack Rutenberg (WR)

Waunakee, Wisconsin [High]

James Erb

James Erb (LB)

Wellman, Iowa [Mid-Prarie]

Jay Bachman

Jay Bachman (DB)

Whitewater, Wisconsin [High]

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown (WR)

Fremont, Ohio [High]

Jeff Forte

Jeff Forte (FB)

Rutland, Virginia [High]

Jeff Jansen

Jeff Jansen (DB)

Davenport, Iowa [Assumption]

Jim Frazier

Jim Frazier (DB, WR, RB)

Waterloo, Iowa [West]

Jim Pekar

Jim Pekar (DL)

Cudahy, Wisconsin [High]

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips (DL)

Des Moines, Iowa [Roosevelt]

Joe Levelis

Joe Levelis

Columbus, Ohio [Lindenhurst Senior]

Joel Hilgenberg

Joel Hilgenberg (OL)

Iowa City, Iowa [City]

John Alt

John Alt (OL)

Columbia Heights, Minnesota [High]

John Carroll

John Carroll (OL)

Downey, California [High]

John Hardt

John Hardt (DL)

Charles City, Iowa [High]

Jon Roehlk

Jon Roehlk

Durant, Iowa [High]

Keith Hunter

Keith Hunter (DB)

Newark, New Jersey [Barringer]

Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O'Brien (TE)

Sterling, Illinois [High]

Kevin Spitzig

Kevin Spitzig (LB)

Ankeny, Iowa [High]

Kirk Banks

Kirk Banks (DL)

Iowa City, Iowa [High]

Lon Olejniczak

Lon Olejniczak (K, P, LB, TE)

Decorah, Iowa [High]

Loren Gerleman

Loren Gerleman (OL)

Decorah, Iowa [High]

Lou King

Lou King (DB)

Jersey City, New Jersey [Snyder]

Mark Bortz

Mark Bortz (DL)

Pardeeville, Wisconsin [High]

Marty Ball

Marty Ball (FB)

Dubuque, Iowa [Hempstead]

Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan (OL)

Des Moines, Iowa [High]

Mel Cole

Mel Cole (LB)

Elgin, Illinois [High]

Mike Haight

Mike Haight

Manchester, Iowa [Beckman]

Mike Hooks

Mike Hooks (DL)

Omaha, Nebraska [South]

Mike Hufford

Mike Hufford (TE)

Mt Vernon, Iowa [High]

Mike Stoops

Mike Stoops (DB)

Youngstown, Ohio [Cardinal Mooney]

Mike Yacullo

Mike Yacullo (LB)

Deerfield, Illinois [Loyola Academy]

Nate Creer

Nate Creer (DB)

Brooklyn, New York [Tilden]

Norm Balke

Norm Balke (DL)

Iowa City, Iowa [City]

Norm Granger

Norm Granger (FB)

Newark, New Jersey [Barringer]

Owen Gill

Owen Gill

Brooklyn, New York [Tilden]

Pat Dean

Pat Dean (DL)

West Islip , New York [High]

Paul Hufford

Paul Hufford (DL)

Mt Vernon, Iowa [High]

Paul Postler

Paul Postler (OL)

Madison, Wisconsin [High]

Pete Gales

Pete Gales (QB)

Paterson, New Jersey [Kennedy ]

Phil Blatcher

Phil Blatcher (RB)

New Orleans, Louisiana [Saint Augustine]

Reggie Roby

Reggie Roby

Waterloo, Iowa [East]

Ron Hallstrom

Ron Hallstrom (OL, DL)

Moline, Illinois [High]

Ron Hawley

Ron Hawley (DB)

West Covina, California [South Hills]

Straun Joseph

Straun Joseph (DL)

Newton, Iowa [High]

Tim Hanna

Tim Hanna (OL)

Forest City, Iowa [High]

Todd Simonsen

Todd Simonsen (LB)

Racine, Wisconsin [Case]

Tom Grogan

Tom Grogan (QB)

Kansas City, Kansas [Turner]

Tom Nichol

Tom Nichol (K)

Green Bay, Wisconsin [Preble]

Tom Stemlar

Tom Stemlar (WR)

Davenport, Iowa [High]

Tracy Crocker

Tracy Crocker (DB)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa [Kennedy]

Vince Campbell

Vince Campbell (wr)

Alachua, Florida [Santa Fe]

Walt Housman

Walt Housman (OL)

Merrimack, New Jersey [High]

Zane Corbin

Zane Corbin (DB)

Jersey City, New Jersey [Snyder]


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1981-1982 Season Summary for Iowa Hawkeyes | Football - Summary of Iowa football and basketball games