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8/31/2024 Football vs  Illinois State

9/7/2024 Football vs  Iowa State

9/14/2024 Football vs  Troy

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We are building out this page quickly so check back daily for new players. They are being added ad-hoc, no particular rhyme or reason other than something I stumbled upon, or someone really popular, or in the recent news, or someone of personal interest to me. Some research takes me down a "rabbit hole" that uncovers some amazing information. My intent is to list almost every letterwinner and significant contributor (maybe because of what they did after their playing days or off the field), but that will take years to complete. As the list grows, we'll also improve the search and filtering to make it easier to find players. If you'd like to help, contact us to learn more about some paid work. We need help taking the various biographies and some research, and consolidating them down into essential information and not just a copy/paste from another site. We'll definitely take requests if you have a favorite or important player not listed yet. If you personally are a former player, I'm happy to add or revise your profile (as you have the best and most correct information), just contact me.

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Merle Rockwood

Merle Rockwood  [1904-1907]

Jack Edling

Jack Edling  [1939-1939]

Ned Postels

Ned Postels  [1943-1946]

Kenneth Leuer

Kenneth Leuer  [1953-1956]
 Minnesota All American: 1955,1956 U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Tom Moore

Tom Moore  [1957-1960]
 Minnesota Wikipedia 

Robert 'Bob' Anderson

Robert 'Bob' Anderson  [1964-1967]

Mike Dillner

Mike Dillner  [1969-1972]

Tom Cabalka

Tom Cabalka  [1969-1972]

Cindy Haugejorde

Cindy Haugejorde  [1976-1980]
 Minnesota All American: District V 1st Team (1980) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Missing photo for Karen Swanson

Karen Swanson  [1977-1979]

John Alt

John Alt  [1980-1983]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (1983), 2nd Team (1982) All American: Honorable Mention (1983) Drafted in Round 1 1990, 1993 

Dave Strobel

Dave Strobel  [1981-1984]
 Minnesota Drafted in Round 8 

Missing photo for Maureen McAlpine

Maureen McAlpine  [1982-1986]

Missing photo for Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson  [1982-1986]

Joe Schuster

Joe Schuster  [1983-1987]
 Minnesota Drafted in Round 10 

Rick Bayless

Rick Bayless  [1984-1987]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) All Conference: 1st Team (1986) All American: Honorable mention (1986) 

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson  [1986-1989]
 Minnesota All Conference: Honorable Mention (1988, 1989), 2nd Team (1990) Drafted in Round 7 

Jon Werner

Jon Werner  [1987-1991]
 Minnesota  Twitter 

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson  [1989-1992]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Scott Sether

Scott Sether  [1989-1993]

Joel Sharratt

Joel Sharratt  [1990-1995]
 Minnesota All Conference: 1st (1995) All American: 2nd (1993), 1st (1994), 2nd (1995) 

Ben Sobieski

Ben Sobieski  [1997-2002]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Drafted in Round 5 

Mike Dolezal

Mike Dolezal  [1998-2001]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Antonio Ramos

Antonio Ramos  [1998-2000]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

David Raih

David Raih  [1999-2003]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Amber O'Brien

Amber O'Brien  [1999-2000]

Derreck Robinson

Derreck Robinson  [2000-2004]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Missing photo for Tom Revak

Tom Revak  [2003-2004]

Tom Busch

Tom Busch  [2003-2007]

Krista VandeVenter

Krista VandeVenter  [2004-2008]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Karl Klug

Karl Klug  [2006-2010]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (2009), 2nd Team (2010) Drafted in Round 5 

Rafael Eubanks

Rafael Eubanks  [2006-2009]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 2nd Team (2009), Honorable Mention (2007),  All American: 1st Team Freshman (2006) 

Kachine Alexander

Kachine Alexander  [2007-2011]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter Drafted in Round 3 

Broderick Binns

Broderick Binns  [2007-2011]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn 

Kamille Wahlin

Kamille Wahlin  [2008-2012]

Anthony Tucker

Anthony Tucker  [2008-2010]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Theairra Taylor

Theairra Taylor  [2009-2014]

Bethany Doolittle

Bethany Doolittle  [2011-2015]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Kayla Timmerman

Kayla Timmerman  [2012-2013]

Kali Peschel

Kali Peschel  [2012-2016]

Missing photo for Malik Rucker

Malik Rucker  [2013-2014]

Chase Coley

Chase Coley  [2014-2018]

Amani Hooker

Amani Hooker  [2016-2018]
 Minnesota Personal sites and NIL pages Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (2018) Player of the Year: Big Ten Defensive Back (2018) All American: 2nd Team (2018) Drafted in Round 4 

Monika Czinano

Monika Czinano  [2018-2023]
 Minnesota Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 1st Team (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) All American: Honorable Mention (2022, 2023) Drafted in Round 3 

Yahya Black

Yahya Black  [2020-2023]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: Honorable Mention (2023) 

Lauren  Jensen

Lauren Jensen  [2020-2021]

Missing photo for Justice Sullivan

Justice Sullivan  [2021-2022]
 Minnesota Hawkeye Sports Profile 

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