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9/30/2023 Football vs Michigan State

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10/7/2023 Football vs Purdue

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10/14/2023 Football @ Wisconsin

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We are building out this page quickly so check back daily for new players. They are being added ad-hoc, no particular rhyme or reason other than something I stumbled upon, or someone really popular, or in the recent news, or someone of personal interest to me. Some research takes me down a "rabbit hole" that uncovers some amazing information. My intent is to list almost every letterwinner and significant contributor (maybe because of what they did after their playing days or off the field), but that will take years to complete. As the list grows, we'll also improve the search and filtering to make it easier to find players. If you'd like to help, contact us to learn more about some paid work. We need help taking the various biographies and some research, and consolidating them down into essential information and not just a copy/paste from another site. We'll definitely take requests if you have a favorite or important player not listed yet. If you personally are a former player, I'm happy to add or revise your profile (as you have the best and most correct information), just contact me.

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Ben Selzer

Ben Selzer  [1931-1934]
 New Jersey 

Curt Merz

Curt Merz  [1956-1959]
 New Jersey Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1958) All American: 1st Team (1959) Drafted 3 

Emery Pudder

Emery Pudder  [1958-1961]
 New Jersey 

William Cervanak

William Cervanak  [1958-1961]
 New Jersey 

James Winton

James Winton  [1959-1962]
 New Jersey 

Chester Williams

Chester Williams  [1959-1960]
 New Jersey 

Fred Erhardt

Fred Erhardt  [1959-1959]
 New Jersey 

Joe Williams

 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 14 

William 'Bill' Perkins II

William 'Bill' Perkins II  [1960-1962]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 12 

Bill Briggs

Bill Briggs  [1962-1965]
 New Jersey Drafted 5 

Steve Vazquez

Steve Vazquez  [1975-1978]
 New Jersey 

Rod Morton

Rod Morton  [1976-1979]
 New Jersey 

Cedric Shaw

Cedric Shaw  [1976-1979]
 New Jersey 

Pete Gales

Pete Gales  [1978-1981]
 New Jersey Wikipedia 

Lou King

Lou King  [1978-1981]
 New Jersey 

Andre Tippett

Andre Tippett  [1979-1981]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2-time All Big Ten (1980, 1981) All American: All-American (1981) U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame College Football Hall of Fame Drafted 2 NFL Pro Bowl (1984-1988) NFL Hall of Fame 

Dwayne Williams

Dwayne Williams  [1979-1981]
 New Jersey 

Norm Granger

Norm Granger  [1980-1983]
 New Jersey Drafted 5 

Keith Hunter

Keith Hunter  [1981-1984]
 New Jersey 

Zane Corbin

Zane Corbin  [1981-1984]
 New Jersey 

Erric Hedgeman

Erric Hedgeman  [1982-1983]
 New Jersey 

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor  [1984-1986]
 New Jersey 

Malcolm Christie

Malcolm Christie  [1984-1987]
 New Jersey  Twitter LinkedIn 

Bob Kratch

Bob Kratch  [1985-1988]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter All Conference: 1st Team (1988) Drafted 3 1994 

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart  [1987-1990]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 11 

William 'Bill' Perkins III

William 'Bill' Perkins III  [1987-1989]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn Joined as walk-on (non-scholarship) 

Leroy Smith

Leroy Smith  [1988-1991]
 New Jersey Wikipedia U of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame 

Mike Devlin

Mike Devlin  [1989-1992]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Drafted 5 

Mike Ferroni

Mike Ferroni  [1989-1992]
 New Jersey 

Danan Hughes

Danan Hughes  [1989-1992]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 1st Team (1991), 2nd Team (1992), Honorable mention (1990) Drafted 7 

Marquis 'Bo' Porter

Marquis "Bo" Porter  [1991-1994]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable mention (1994) 

Bobby Diaco

Bobby Diaco  [1992-1995]
 New Jersey Wikipedia All Conference: 2nd Team (1995), Honorable Mention (1994) 

Tom Knight

Tom Knight  [1992-1996]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: 2nd team (1996) Drafted 1 

Scott Slutzker

Scott Slutzker  [1992-1995]
 New Jersey Wikipedia  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (1995), 3rd Team (1994) Drafted 3 

Ricchard Carter

Ricchard Carter  [1994-1997]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Vernon Rollins

Vernon Rollins  [1995-1998]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Tarig Holman

Tarig Holman  [1996-1999]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Miguel Merrick

Miguel Merrick  [2002-2006]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

James Townsend

James Townsend  [2003-2004]
 New Jersey 

Albert Young

Albert Young  [2003-2007]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: Honorable Mention (2005), Honorable Mention (2007) 

Shonn Greene

Shonn Greene  [2004-2008]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile All Conference: Big Ten Offensive MVP (2008), First Team (2008) Player of the Year: Doak Walker Award (2008) All American: First Team (2008) Drafted 3 

Harold Dalton

Harold Dalton  [2004-2008]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Dezman Moses

Dezman Moses  [2007-2007]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels  [2007-2011]
 New Jersey  Twitter Drafted 4 2017 

Greg Castillo

Greg Castillo  [2008-2012]
 New Jersey 

Quinton Alston

Quinton Alston  [2011-2014]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter LinkedIn All Conference: 2nd Team (2014), Academic (2012) 

Akrum Wadley

Akrum Wadley  [2013-2017]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: 3rd Team (2016, 2017), Honorable mention Freshman (2014) 

Dom Uhl

 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Jameer Outsey

Jameer Outsey  [2014-2015]
 New Jersey Hawkeye Sports Profile 

Ihmir Smith-Marsette

Ihmir Smith-Marsette  [2017-2020]
 New Jersey Wikipedia Hawkeye Sports Profile  Twitter All Conference: Honorable Mention (2020), Second Team (2019), First Team (2018), Honorable Mention All-Freshman (2017),  Player of the Year: Rodgers-Dwight Return Specialist of the Year (2019) Drafted 5 

Marco Lainez

 New Jersey 

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