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2003 Iowa Football Look Ahead

2003 Iowa Football Look Ahead [8/1/2003

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

At the risk of inviting the fury of the Hawkeye Nation, I am going to make a statement that might not be so popular right about now: (ducking) The 2003 Iowa Hawkeyes are going to lose at least three, if not four football games. Now, let me save us all some time by answering your emails and questions in advance, as I know what they are going to be. #1: 'Jon, how in the heck would you know? You more

Banks: 2nd in Heisman, 1st in Our Hearts

Banks: 2nd in Heisman, 1st in Our Hearts [12/16/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

There is an old adage that goes something along the lines of ‘No one remembers second place.’ That might be true most of the time. But in the case of Iowa quarterback Brad Banks, Hawkeye fans will never forget 2nd place. Banks finished 2nd place in the 2002 Heisman Trophy balloting behind USC quarterback Carson Palmer. Both Banks and Palmer had outstanding resumes and each of them had more

Iowa’s Pass Defense Was Below Average in 2002: Fact, or Fiction?

Iowa’s Pass Defense Was Below Average in 2002: Fact, or Fiction? [12/15/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

ESPN has a new segment they run on their sportscasts, and they call it ‘Fact or Fiction’. They pick a topic, and ask that question. So, borrowing from the worldwide leader in sports, I ask you the following: Iowa’s Pass Defense Was Below Average in 2002: Fact, or Fiction? Let me begin by ripping off a line from a famous book, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’; It was the best of times, more

Hawks Collect National Hardware

Hawks Collect National Hardware [12/12/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

'Ace is the place with the helpful Hardware man’ I am sure you have heard that jingle before. But if you are a college football fan, and you are in the market for some real hardware, you don’t need to look any further than Iowa City for a treasure trove of trophies. And the Hawks might not be done yet. In the last two days, Brad Banks was named the Associated Press Player of the more

Inside the Numbers 2002 Regular Season

Inside the Numbers 2002 Regular Season [12/5/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Here are some significant milestones that the 2002 Iowa football team has either set or is approaching with one game to play: TEAM Rushing Yards Per Game, Season 2002: 222.1 ypg (8 th best all-time if season ended today) RECORD: 1960, 253.8 ypg Most Rushing Yards, Season 2002: 2,665 yards (2 nd best all-time if season ended today) RECORD: 1990, 2,699 yards Total Offense Per Game, Season more

Iowa Dream Season Reflected in All-Big Ten Selections

Iowa Dream Season Reflected in All-Big Ten Selections [11/26/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Speechless is a good word to describe my reaction to 11 Iowa Hawkeye Football players being named 1st team all Big Ten by the Coaches and or Media. But why should I be surprised? After all, 2002 might very well be the best season in Iowa Football history and there is still one very important Bowl game yet to be played. The 11 first team selections is a New Big Ten record. Five of the 11 more

Is This Team the Best Ever?

Is This Team the Best Ever? [11/18/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Alright, I know that this topic is getting a lot of run right now, but I think that it bears more than a casual look. Just how good are the 2002 Iowa Hawkeyes Before diving into that on the whole, I think that we must take a look at individual players and the units they belong to and compare that to Hawkeye history. Receivers: Mo Brown tied Quinn Early’s school record of 10 touchdown more

What is Sports Information Doing to Promote Banks for Heisman?

What is Sports Information Doing to Promote Banks for Heisman? [11/12/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

As Brad Banks continues to blaze new trails for the Iowa Hawkeyes on the football field, the Iowa Sports Information Department is also working behind the scenes. Several Iowa fans have voiced their concerns on the message boards to the effect that they feel that the Iowa Sports Information Department should be doing more to promote Banks for the Heisman Trophy Award, the more

Miller Time: Northwestern Postgame

Miller Time: Northwestern Postgame [11/10/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Since I will be pretty busy this week with the birth of our first child, I thought I had better get a few thoughts down before the big day. Speaking of big days, could the game against Northwestern have gone any better for Iowa? They were able to get up early, they were able to sit most of the starters for the better part of two quarters, they were able to recognize some key contributors and more

The Transformation of a Defense

The Transformation of a Defense [11/6/2002

by Mike Zierath of Hawkeye Nation

Prior to the start of this season, the question mark on the Iowa Hawkeye defensive unit rested with the front four. On offense, the main concerns, voiced by every expert in the county and many non-experts, was the replacement of every skill position player. Could Iowa produce enough points to win games? One thing was certain: Iowa’s defense would keep opponents from scoring, thus more

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Wisconsin

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Wisconsin [11/3/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Good: Iowa is 6-0 in the BT for the first time- EVER! Hayden was a great coach and had some great teams, but was never able to go 6-0 in the BT. Also, ending a 5 game losing streak to Wisc. is huge. Brad Banks….could we have expected any more from this guy? He leads the nation in passing efficiency, in part because he has made great decision this year. But let us not forget a couple more

In The Middle of a Special Season

In The Middle of a Special Season [11/1/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The 2002 Iowa Hawkeyes are suddenly the toast of the college football world. National television shows, newspapers and websites can’t get enough of this Iowa Hawkeye football team. Many of them are talking about the ‘overnight’ success of the Iowa football program. But the Iowa fans know better than that. A turnaround of this magnitude does not happen ‘overnight’. So how did it more

Miller Time: Michigan Postgame

Miller Time: Michigan Postgame  [10/27/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

I have been enjoying the past few Sunday’s where I just sit down and start typing anything that comes into my head, and I hope that some of you enjoy it as well. I guess this is the ‘MillerTime’ column of old coming back around. We will call it ‘Streams of Consciousness’, not conscience as I called it the first week. Was that a malaprop? I don’t know either. Here we go. more

How Does Banks Compare to the Chucks

How Does Banks Compare to the Chucks [10/21/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

There has been a lot of talk about Iowa quarterback Brad Banks on the message boards and around news organizations across America. It has prompted me to stop and do some research to see just how special a season Banks is turning in. And after spending some time ‘Inside the Numbers’, Banks is having one of the best seasons a quarterback has ever had at the University of more

Miller Time: Indiana Postgame

Miller Time: Indiana Postgame [10/20/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

While it wasn’t a pretty win for Iowa, it was still a win. An odd one at that. Think for a second that you do not know the final score of the game and you only have the statistics as your basis for who may have won the game: First Downs: Iowa 17, Indiana 26 Turnovers: Iowa 3, Indiana 3 Total Yards: Iowa 358, Indiana 481 Time of Possession: Iowa 24:51, Indiana 35:09 Net Yards more

Good, Bad, and Ugly Indiana

Good, Bad, and Ugly Indiana  [10/20/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...IndianaThe Good A road win in the B10 versus a school that had won 6 straight at home. Iowa has a 100 yard rusher (Fred Russell) and Iowa rushes for 168 yards, 4.5 ypc. Banks completes 69% of 16 passes and averages 12 yard per pass ATTEMPT! Our OL allowed no sacks. Special teams, again! Kick off coverage was outstanding. Save for Nate Kaeding kicking one more

2002/1985 Comparison

2002/1985 Comparison [10/15/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

In this week’s ‘Inside the Numbers’ installment, we are going to go back to the future, if you will. Iowa fans are talking Rose Bowl and all-time greatness with the 2002 Iowa Hawkeye football team, so we thought it would be a good idea to go back and look at one of the best, if not the best, Iowa football team of the modern era: the 1985 Iowa Hawkeyes. Since I have a nice collection of more

Miller Time: Michigan State Postgame

Miller Time: Michigan State Postgame [10/13/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Talk about a tail whoopin. Man, did Iowa’s defensive line ever dominate that football game. Is anyone else noticing the technique that Matt Roth is adding to his Kampman-like bull rush? It appears the tackle was focusing on just trying to contain Matt's straight ahead rush that he had been employing in many of the recent games, but Roth added a few new tricks to his bag this week. Matt more

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Michigan State

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Michigan State [10/13/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: MSUThe GoodSpecial teams The special teams play of this team has been nothing short of “special”!!! For this segment, I would like to acknowledge the guys on the Kick off return team. Nate Kaeding, Warren Holloway, Matt Roth, Scott Boleyn, Sean Considine, George Lewis (before the injury), Mike Follett (before the injury), Tony Burrier, Bob Sanders, Adolphus more

Mid Season Awards

Mid Season Awards [10/7/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Can the season really be half over already? The optimist in me wants to say, ‘But Jon, that means that there is still another half to play.’ That is true, but as fun as the ride has been following the Iowa Hawkeyes in 2002, I just don’t want it to end. After six games, Iowa is 5-1 overall, 2-0 in the Big Ten and ranked 17th in the nation by the Associated Press. Teams that Iowa is more

Ferentz is Making His Mark on the Program

Ferentz is Making His Mark on the Program [10/1/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Alright, I know that I am going to take some flack for the following statement and don’t read anything more into this than what I will say, which will be enough. But Kirk Ferentz has the opportunity to go from being an afterthought to an Iowa legend in four years time. In the hearts of many Iowa fans in late 1998, Bob Stoops was THE coach for Iowa. And for the previous few years, most of more

Miller Time: The Rise of Kirk Ferentz

Miller Time: The Rise of Kirk Ferentz [9/30/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

To quote a slogan that was in vogue several years: "You’ve come a long way, baby." No, I am not writing a column about Virginia Slims. I am talking about Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa football program. Ferentz and his staff took over an Iowa program in 1999 that was coming off its worst season since Jimmy Carter was in the White House and Bill Murray, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Gilda more

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Penn State

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Penn State [9/29/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: PSUThe Good:Special teams: In my opinion, this facet of the game was what contributed most to an Iowa win! We kicked off about 8 times and not once did PSU start a possession after a kick off past the 20-yard line. Kaeding was outstanding, as usual, Bradley was solid and our coverage teams were tremendous! Dallas Clark: Welcome back to the Iowa offense, Dallas. more

Inside the Numbers Penn State

Inside the Numbers Penn State [9/27/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

This column is always more enjoyable to write after an Iowa win and is even more interesting as the Hawkeyes have ended their non-conference portion of the 2002 slate. It’s hard to believe that the season is 1/3rd of the way over, but that means that we still have 67% of the games yet to play. I know, it’s the glass half full side coming out again. First of all, every Iowa team that has more

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Utah State

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Utah State [9/22/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Good:It is nice to get a win without a great game by Brad Banks or the OL. It was great to see some diversity on offense. We used shotgun formations, split and I-back formations, 3 and 4 WR sets, no TE, two TE’s, etc. We passed a lot on first down. We got Dallas Clark involved in a big way on Saturday. Saturday was a big day for Jermelle Lewis. The first game where he was “the man”, more

New Hampton's Humpal commits to Hawkeyes

New Hampton's Humpal commits to Hawkeyes [9/20/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Less than a week after suffering a tough loss at the hands of Iowa State, the Iowa Hawkeyes received some good news in the form of a verbal commitment to their football team. Mike Humpal (pronounced HUMP-uhl) of New Hampton, Iowa is the fourth prep to verbally commit to Iowa for the 2003 recruiting class. Humpal plays tailback and linebacker for New Hampton, but his future will start out on more

A Tale of Two Halves

A Tale of Two Halves [9/16/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Of course, we all know how this game was a tale of two halves and the statistics are amazing. Iowa had 15 first downs to ISU’s 8 in the first half and had 99 more total yards than the Cyclones. Iowa had 193 yards rushing at the half, making it three games in a row where the Hawkeyes have had at least 174 yards rushing in the opening half of play. On the flip side, Iowa had given up 171 more

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Iowa State

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Iowa State [9/15/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Good:Iowa OL/ running attack hammers out 222 yards (over 5 ypc) and 12 first downs on the game and we held ISU to 85 yards rushing on 39 carries! We held Wallace to 30 yards on 12 carries…how does a team accomplish that and still lose the game? (See the Bad, #1) Fred Russell averages almost 8 ypc against a team bringing 8 men to the LOS on most every play. David Bradley and Nate more

Inside the Numbers: Miami

Inside the Numbers: Miami [9/9/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

After reviewing the Iowa-Miami film and pouring over the stats, it is my opinion that Iowa played a pretty solid football game in addition to playing against a solid opponent. We all know that Miami went on the road last week and beat an ACC opponent in their house and stuffed the run. But the Hawkeyes came out against Miami and established their dominance on the ground. They finished the more

Inside the Numbers - Looking back to 2001 Iowa State

Inside the Numbers - Looking back to 2001 Iowa State [9/9/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

As continues it's Iowa v Iowa State Game Week coverage, we thought that before looking towards Saturday’s contest that it might not hurt to turn back the clock a bit to last November and examine the 2001 meeting of the in state rivals for a special ‘Inside the Numbers’ rewind. Both teams return several key players, but each team lost some top performers as well. This collection more

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Miami (OH)

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Miami (OH) [9/8/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 2, Miami, OhioThe Good A road win versus a solid opponent is always welcome! That is two road wins in a row against good opponents, Texas Tech and now Miami OH. Another good set of decisions by Brad Banks: He hasn’t used his legs much yet to gain yards, but has used his legs to escape potential losses. The arm strength gives us a weapon we didn’t have more

Allen Gets First Start

Allen Gets First Start [9/2/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

There were a lot of firsts yesterday for members of the Iowa Hawkeye football team and Antwan Allen was one of them. He started the first ever game of his Iowa career and turned in a good performance for a rookie. He made three solo tackles and broke up one pass officially, but the biggest stat is the one that didn’t happen: he did not get beat deep. ”I had some jitters at first then I more

No QB Controversy in First Game

No QB Controversy in First Game [9/2/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

For the first time in a long time, there is no quarterback controversy at the University of Iowa, but the Hawkeyes may have two quarterbacks that can get the job done. The benches were emptied in Iowa’s 57-21 whitewashing of Akron on Saturday and that gave nearly every available reserve on the team a chance to show the fans and coaches what they could do. Backup quarterback Nathan Chandler more

Another Big Hitter From Erie

Another Big Hitter From Erie [9/2/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Jovon Johnson had a reputation as a big play man before arriving on the Iowa campus. He was Mr. Everything for his high school team in Erie (Mercyhurst Prep), PA. He was the conference offensive player of the year his junior year from his quarterback position and was the player of the year on defense his senior year. He returned 12 punts for touchdowns during his prep career and intercepted more

Russell Gets The Nod At RB

Russell Gets The Nod At RB [9/2/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

At some point in time during the first half, Fred Russell was breathing heavy. It wasn’t because he was tired. After all, he carried the ball just six times in the first half, but racked up 123 yards and two scores. He was breathing heavy sighs of relief, as in he finally got his chance to get on the field with the number one offensive unit and show the fans and the coaches just what he is more

Good, Bad, and Ugly Akron

Good, Bad, and Ugly Akron [9/2/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The GoodThis will get old, but I will repeat: The Iowa home uniforms are amongst the best looking in college football! The OL was dominant all day- Kudos to the big guys in the trenches. The two new guys at RB were impressive- Fred Russell can stop and go on a dime and Jermelle Lewis has a very impressive combination of power and speed. Mo Brown arrived on Saturday and that will help fill a more

Inside the Numbers Akron

Inside the Numbers Akron  [9/2/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation’s ‘Inside the Numbers’ feature is back for another season and there were a lot of numbers put up by the Hawkeyes against Akron on Saturday. 37 as in 37 points in the first quarter. No Iowa Hawkeye team has ever scored more points in any quarter. Ever. The 1990 Rose Bowl team put 35 on the board in one quarter against Illinois. The new record should stand up for a long time due to more

Around the Horn: Akron Game

Around the Horn: Akron Game [9/1/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

HawkeyeNation has spoken and our “ Around the Horn” feature is back for a second season. I am still trying to figure out who wanted this for the first year, but here it goes. Here are some random thoughts and observations on the first Football Saturday in Iowa City for 2002. The first thing on my agenda was to head over to CHA (the local acronym for Carver-Hawkeye Arena). For those who more

Inside the Numbers Akron Pregame

Inside the Numbers Akron Pregame [8/30/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

The Iowa Hawkeye two-deep roster is out for the Akron game and it appears that youth will be served. 16 of the 48 position players (33%) on the two-deep roster are either true freshmen, redshirt freshmen or sophomores. Only four of those players have ever played in one game. Nine of Iowa’s starters will be doing so for the first time in their collegiate careers. 13 seniors and 23 juniors more

Mo Brown Ready to Go

Mo Brown Ready to Go [8/9/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

Every Iowa football fan with a pulse realizes that the wide receiving corps is a question mark for the 2002 Hawkeye football season. CJ Jones returns as the only experienced receiver, but there are those who run in Hawkeye circles that feel the cupboard, though green, is not bare. Iowa fans were given a nice preview at the 2002 Spring game as red-shirt freshman Ed Hinkel caught six passes more

Hinkle With Promising Spring

Hinkle With Promising Spring [8/9/2002

by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation

NOTE: The following are comments received from Ed Hinkel, redshirt freshman wide receiver. The spring game was great and it felt good to see my name in the paper. I know that there are things that I need to work on in the weight room and on the field, but everything has been going well and I had a great summer. I spent a lot of time in the weight room and worked on getting off the line of more

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