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Good, Bad, and Ugly: Iowa State

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Iowa State

9/15/2002 by Jon Miller of Hawkeye Nation


The Good:

Iowa OL/ running attack hammers out 222 yards (over 5 ypc) and 12 first downs on the game and we held ISU to 85 yards rushing on 39 carries! We held Wallace to 30 yards on 12 carries…how does a team accomplish that and still lose the game? (See the Bad, #1)

Fred Russell averages almost 8 ypc against a team bringing 8 men to the LOS on most every play.

David Bradley and Nate Kaeding continue provide us with a very good special team weapon.

Some may disagree with me here, but I think our DL played great. We allowed almost nothing on the ground and held Wallace almost completely in check on the ground. We had two sacks and about a dozen QB hurries and it should be noted that we kept the pass rush “in the lanes” and not a hard rush. My guess is that this is the only game this year where Seneca Wallace averages less than 3 ypc.

Seneca Wallace throwing on the run…he made a couple throws that no other QB we will face this year could make! Many Iowa fans are complaining about our poor pass defense, but there were many completions on Saturday were we played it perfect- force the offense to make the perfect throw. Well, Wallace made the perfect throw on many occasion Saturday. Wallace WILL NOT be the Heisman trophy winner, but he sure deserves to be mentioned

The Bad:

Mistakes! Two fumbles by our QB give ISU the ball on the 20 and the 29-yard line, virtually assuring that they very good ISU offense will score. Just inexcusable, both fumbles are essentially “unforced”(on the second fumble the ball pops out prior to contact). We handed the ball to ISU in great field position on 3 occasions and that resulted in 17 points. Throw in a safety that was the result of a bad decision by a guy playing just his third D1 game, and you have 19 easy points, served on a platter with salad!

Throw in two poor decisions by J. Lewis on kick returns and a fumble by Ed Hinkel and you have us not playing smart and not taking care of the “skin”.

Injuries: Bob Sanders, Fred Russell, Howard Hodges

The Ugly:

Too many fans from both schools taking this game too serious. To those fans I say this: “ Get a freaking Life”. Fights, excessive drinking, vandalism and crude remark were common from fans of both schools in the parking lots. Grow up kids.

And finally: a loss to ISU…period!

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Good, Bad, and Ugly: Iowa State - Summary of Iowa football and basketball games